Monday, March 7, 2011

Monday Gossip!

The wind has blown away all the clouds leaving us a clear - but cold - March morning. *yawns and stretches* Is it really Monday already?

Just a note - I'm going to Nashville for a long weekend, starting Thursday, so I will not be updating from then until Monday. I'll remind you again when the time comes.

Hopefully I will not have
this song stuck in my head the entire time.


Gossip time!

My contribution to Deol Dhamaka: The three ladies at a dance event!

Esha Deol, all cleaned up and back from rehab!

Ahana Deol, ready to make her onscreen debut!

And Mama Hema, still one of the best looking ladies in the business!

* Sometimes the English press picks up on the oddest things -
like a film based on a pornographic cartoon that I had never heard of. It's going to star Heena Rehman and will probably sink into the same hole that the film based on the Shiney Ahuja story went into.

Of course, they bring in the sociologist to explain it all:

Zubair Meenia, a sociologist at New Delhi's Jamia Milia Islamia University, said a web creation such as Savita Bhabhi had thrived because the country's urban middle classes had suppressed the natural sexuality which once thrived in rural cultures.

"Explicit sexuality has long been a part of Indian culture. If we look at the rural system we had – all the folk songs, ceremonies in marriages, religious festivals, they all were loaded with explicit sexuality – in the lyrics or the dances, there was some form of sexual element in them. But because of urbanisation and the new found middle class morality which developed, this repression took place," she said.

* Aamir and Rani have been spotted shooting for
Reema Kagti's film in an old bungalow.

* Sonu Nigam is kind of
a dick but we all knew that. The man with the golden pipes speaks up...

You are hardly singing for films and focussing on shows instead.

Yes, because I don't get good songs to sing. The good ones are rendered by the composer himself, or are given to other singers. I don't want to sing for B or C grade films any longer. I respect my voice enough not to grab every playback singing offer.

Ah... see, this is interesting. He's not complaining about the quality of the songs he's being offered - he's complaining about the profile of the film that the song is in. I guess after you've been singing for the Three Khans, being offered the latest Emraan Hashmi film seems kind of a let down.

I hope this doesn't mean that he won't do South films anymore because it's always a treat when Sonu shows up. For example, I clapped in delight when I came across this gem of a number from Kannada film
Mussanje Maathu (2008):

* Sonu also enjoys singing for
Akshay Kumar the most!

* Katrina Kaif is NOT the brand ambassador for any
IPL team at the moment - just FYI from her camp.

* Neha Dhupia was upset that Anupam Kher backed out of
Dear Friend Hitler.

* SPOILER WARNING before clicking on
this story about Imtiaz Ali's Rockstar.

* Namitha emerges and does some
public relations at a college! Hi, Namitha!

Dum Maro Dum choreographer Bosco discusses Deepika's dance and more.

Having worked with almost everyone from the film industry, he doesn’t rate anyone, but feels all actors can be classified according to their tastes and energies. According to him, “Deepika has a great athletic body, so she makes moves look easy. Hrithik (Roshan) and Shahid (Kapoor) are perfectionists on stage; Ranbir (Kapoor) is a natural, dance seems to come to him effortlessly; Salman (Khan) has incredible charisma, any move he does becomes a style statement; Katrina has come a long way with her dancing, and has stunned everyone with Sheila…; Kareena (Kapoor) is very Bollywood and Priyanka (Chopra) has this great hip hop vibe to her dancing.”

Bebo is VERY filmi in her dancing! That's very true - I can't believe it hadn't occurred to me before. But is Piggy Chops really bringing a "hip hop" vibe to her dancing? Sometimes I wonder if Bollywood really understands what hip hop is...

* It's Team Kashyap vs. Team Khan over
Dabangg 2.

And Abhinav himself
speaks up in an article accompanied by the WORST picture of Shahrukh I've ever seen.

* Raj and Pablo's favorite
Gracy Singh is doing a new film with Hema Malini.

* Vidya Balan is upset at a
morphed Maxim cover photo showing her in a bikini.

Ugh. I'm so sick of the word 'bikini.' Nowhere else in the world but India is THIS obsessed with bikinis! It's just a swim suit and a) ladies don't have to be size zero to rock one and b) ladies don't have to rock one to be sexy.

Point a)

Point b)

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