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Mini-Hiatus Review #2: Immaan Dharam

This is a review I wrote ages ago - I'm mainly reposting for the screencaps. I didn't want to leave you completely on your own, even if I can't really post anything new for a couple days.

Just a warning - there are a couple plot spoilers but nothing more than what you would read in a (good) newspaper review.


 There was so much that was right about Immaan Dharam that I don’t know where to begin. Let me start by tempting you with a list of what you will find within – strong Sanjeev Kumar = Jesus iconography, Rekha doing dishoom-dishoom, and Helen landing herself a man.

The plot is a fairly standard masala set-up. Shashi and Amitabh play equal but opposite-religioned friends who make a living giving bogus statements in court for pay – a career choice which will
obviously not come back to haunt them, right? RIGHT?

So, like I said, Amitabh – who favors a plaid shirt with dark undershirt combo through most of the film – and Shashi – who sports a monotone powder blue number – are morally questionable friends. Much as in
Shaan, they act as one brother in this wacky morality fable.

The other brother – or rather multi-religioned friend – is Sanjeev Kumar, who plays the son of the rich industrialist. BUT, this rich industrialist made his money on the black market. It’s tainted! And Sanjeev, who is shown reading every religious book known to mankind, does not approve. So where do we go from here? Heroine kya hai?

Sanjeev is romancing a poor, blind woman played by Aparna Sen (Konkona’s mother!). They make an adorable couple!

Shashi is romancing a socialist Southern woman played by Rekha in blackface. There were lots of
Ai YOOOs and not a single glam outfit in this unusual role.

And who is this with Amitabh? Could it be HELEN?!

So, basically, Sanjeev’s father is selling bad drugs, food, and construction material, all of which come back to haunt our characters and they resolve the villainous plots in a masala enough way.

More interesting are the little moments.

Blind Aparna singing for an empty theatre…

Rekha flirting in Tamil…

Amitabh asking Helen to marry him…

Sanjeev Kumar being all awesome and Jesusy…

Amitabh’s questionable fashion choices… I never really got used to the moustache. It’s funny how watching this one right after
Silsila didn’t really poison me against it even though they had much of the same cast.

The extended Shashitabh certainly was a big improvement over

As was the addition of Helen in a non-traditional role for her.

And, of course, any time Sanjeev Kumar is doing stuff and not just being cuckolded by Rekha – I’m sold!


The film was like a nice mix of
Roti Kapada Aur Makaan and Amar Akbar Anthony! If you liked both of those, you’ll probably enjoy this one, too.

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