Friday, March 18, 2011

Happy Friday!

Good morning, everyone! Thanks for all the great comments I've been getting on my KNOW YOUR HEROES pieces! I always knew that these would be contentious - especially Shahrukh Khan - but it's been fun reading all the discussion and I hope we all know it's just in good fun.


Let's see what is going on in the news today:

* Uh-oh...
Shahrukh Khan had an open platform and nobody to tell him that he was sounding pompous.

"I consider myself labour class as I like to maintain an active lifestyle. I like to work all day round and when it is taken away, it affects me mentally. And that percolated down to my family... as a result, everyone in my house also becomes sad."

Please tell me he's joking. That is not what being working class is. Secondly, I hate
this nonsense:

"Hindi films lack in three very important aspects of filmmaking. The first amongst them is screenplay writing. We need to understand the format and adhere to screenplay writing technique like them (Hollywood). The sooner Indian filmmakers realise that screenplay writing is not an art form but a science, the faster our films will globalise."

OH HELL TO THE NO! Do not even THINK about bringing that boring and utterly predictable Robert McKee Three Act Scriptwriting Science into Mumbai because I will fly over there so fast and make the biggest most sprawling film with 10 songs starring 5 heroes and a comedy subplot starring Johnny Lever before I would let that happen.

Do Bollywood celebs really not realize how predictable and dull the Robert McKee script is when they bring it up all the time? You can time the act changes with a stop watch and EVERY Hollywood film uses it these days.

* Anurag Kashyap refutes the
casting couch charges against Dibakar Banerjee.

* Shruti Hasaan has
one more chance to make a splash in 7am Arivu.

* Omi Vaidya is doing
Desi Boyz.

* Aftab Shivdasani has a
mouche - also apparently he is in The Italian North Pole Players with every other middling talent in B-town. Call in Zayed Khan and they can start a gang with Neil Nitin Mukesh!

* Lovely Zarine Khan is doing
Housefull 2.

I love this gang of curvy secondary girls - Zarine or Jackie could end up the next Neha Dhupia if they play their cards right.

* Om Puri thinks there are no good roles for
actors like him in commercial cinema AND that filmmakers need to amp up the comedy quotient.

* That Prateik Babbar-Amy Jackson film appears to be
back on.

* Enjoy a
countdown of favorite commercial campaigns!

5. Airtel Dil Jo Chahe… Paas Laye by Kareena:

One of the reigning queens of the tinsel villa, Kareena Kapoor teaches you how to live your life queen size not only on the silver-screen, but also in endorsements. Being Airtel’s brand ambassador for the 3G campaign, the beautiful girl along with her beau Saif is now inspiring people to come closer in her new Airtel ad. She exhibits how simply saying a “start” or “stop” will give you the power to stay connected to any of the services of your choice.

I like this one best... Bebo is soooooo cute!

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