Friday, March 25, 2011

Friday Gossip!

Okay, I'll put the big gun up front:

Ra.1 30 second promo... and I'm just not feeling it. It just seems kind of shiny and joyless, like a big budget Hollywood film.

And we'll all have plenty of time to grow tired of the film before it releases in Diwali as Shahrukh

“I think it is important for this genre. When we go to see a Spiderman film, we know who he is, and what his powers are. Likewise with Superman and Batman. I want G.One (the protagonist) to become someone you start recognizing before you come to see the film. We want to start telling the audiences that he flies, is made up of electricity and wears a blue suit. I would like kids to ask, ‘How high can he fly, and how hard can he hit?’ By the time the film comes, those questions should’ve been answered.”

Now, that's an interesting take on the superhero genre. I would counter that unless the film is a sequel, audiences really don't know that kind of thing about superheroes - unless they are hardcore nerds. Think of
Iron Man - how many of us knew that story before the Robert Downey Junior film? People are less familiar with these comic book properties than he thinks - unless his audience really is hardcore nerds and preteen boys.

So, this really is a gamble - are 6 months of promotions going to whet everybody's appetites or are we all going to be so tired of
Ra.1 that by the time the film comes out it will feel like we've already seen it.

* BIG NEWS: Yash Raj is making their films available

And Shemaroo is
releasing "15 minute" versions of their films, designed for mobile media.

* Foreign artists in Bollywood are
under fire from the Maharashtra Navnirman Chitrapat Karmachari Sena.

* Read a contentless interview with
Kareena Kapoor in which she never gives an opinion on her own. It's always "Saif and I think..."

Do you see flashes of Aamir in Imran?

I think Imran is new and raw. He's the dark horse of Bollywood. Both Saif and I have always liked Imran and we think he's the next superstar! He's a really sweet friend, but for me, Aamir is the best.

* And then read a
massive interview with the Junior B.

Are micro-blogging sites like Twitter a bane for the movies? Several people feel that poor word-of-mouse can kill the business?

I think social networking sites/micro-blogging sites are a great way to get feedback from your audience. They are also great levellers. I know that there is a school of thought that stars lose their mystique by using such platforms but today, fans don’t want to look up to their idols. They want to connect with them as equals which is quite evident on such sites. They are both flattering and critical and sometimes it’s a great reality check. It brings you back to earth. There are a few people out there with a tendency to be abusive but you have to take the good with the bad.

As far as critical propaganda on Twitter killing the business of a film is concerned, I think it’s not true because Twitter is used by all of us to promote films as well and if it can’t make a film a hit it can’t make a flop either.

* Rahul Khanna is going to get
six pack abs for Housefull 2.

* WHY is Preity's weight even an issue?
This article uses it in the headline. I wasn't aware that she had ever been fat.

* It's Ileana D'Cruz for Rajini in

* Salman Khan has to pay taxes on his
legal counsel.

* And we can end with some food for thought - how a short story became
7 Khoon Maaf.

Bond and Bhardwaj are strange bedfellows. The former’s work is droll and genteel in an old-fashioned English way, evoking a bygone way of life, while the latter’s best films are set in the contemporary Indian hinterland, peopled by rough-speaking characters. The two men do share a penchant for dark humour, but their personal styles are very different: Bond’s prose is marked by seemingly effortless simplicity while Bhardwaj’s films tend to be dense and baroque, with layered use of colour and music. A few years ago, he took Bond’s gentle children’s story The Blue Umbrella, gave it the texture of a Brothers Grimm fairytale, and shifted the narrative focus, providing Pankaj Kapoor with one of his best roles as a greedy Himachali shopkeeper.


Yunus Perveez said...

i have tear in my eyes from laughing at 'word of mouse'.imagining Junior B talking to rodents...

I gotto say I cant hate... Ra.One looked awesome!but i agree with you the media bombardement will start to annoy us before the movie even releases.

Shell said...

I couldn't get enough MNIK promo (and still ended up liking the movie), but that's just my Shah fanatacism coming out (if that's a word). I am really hoping that the visual effects are going to be backed up with a good story though, because movies that are all style and no substance don't click with me.

Ugh "Slim Priety..." Gag me. I really wish the media would stop putting such an emphasis on size. It's so old. Like the size of her skirt has a direct influence on how she does her job.

Faisal Hashmi said...

u r ryt abt RA.One. Also the trailer is not much more interesting. Overdose of media hype might kill this film.

Check out my blog to read possibilities of RA.One's disaster or Blockbuster status !!!


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xoxo Filmi Girl
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