Friday, March 4, 2011

Friday Gossip!

IT'S FRIDAY! Hello, I've missed you since last week!

There is nothing new at my local theater - I may be forced to go see some English movies instead this weekend. *Nahiiiiin* Or I'll just continue feeding my new cricket obsession with World Cup matches. (And WHY cannot I be in Vizag for the
celebrity cricket cup game?! )

Now! Gossip!

* Character actor
Goga Kapoor has passed away. If I come across any nice tributes, I'll be sure to link you to them.

* Check out a striking image from Sanjay Gupta's
Kahani feat. Vidya Balan playing a pregnant woman!

* Our Steven does a nice little interview with
Kangana Ranaut.

You have changed the color of your trademark curly hair in Tanu Weds Manu

"You know I didn't have any problem changing my hair color. I didn't really do it for the movie or for the character, but just coloured it in my personal life. Actually the color is a little lighter and less harsh than the darker hair, and maybe suits my face and complexion more. Somehow people associate me with curly hair, you know, but I do experiment with my hair and I am comfortable with doing so. I'm not going to be with the same hairstyle all of my life!"

* And read a nice interview with another groundbreaking actress...
Zeenat Aman!

You were tagged as the sex symbol of Bollywood…

Once I was put into a sex symbol slot, all filmmakers were shooting songs or offering me characters around that image. I am really sorry to say that I don’t think I really got an opportunity to completely break away from that, not even in
Insaaf Ka Tarazu. I never got the chance to show myself as a cerebral actress.

Kangana's rulebreaking Tanu owes a lot to Zeenat Aman's free and easy characters - except Tanu gets to smoke, drink, AND get the guy!

* Abhinay Deo - director of
Game - talks about what he took away from The King's Speech.

"What I'd like to learn is that the script is the heart of the film. This is one thing we as Bollywood lack. We work on projects and not on scripts. We put together a great cast and a great crew but nobody thinks of putting together a great script."

I seriously doubt that nobody thinks of putting together a great script - there are plenty of great scripts out there and plenty of great scripts that get made. (
Band Baaja Baarat, anyone?) Just like in Hollywood (!), the problem is that people making the big budget films understandably care more about getting a return on their investment than they do in making a great film. That means things like Race and Transformers will get made no matter where you are.

* I would like to see
The Bengali Detective!

* Imtiaz Ali is trying to
stick to a tight budget for Rockstar.

* Imran Khan is going to be
part of a new Coca-cola campaign called (I'm not joking) "Brrr." I can only hope that they are taking inspiration from American rapper Gucci Mane, who uses "Brrr" as a catchphrase and likes to call himself the "coldest" rapper there is. He also has an icecream tattoo on his face with "Brrr" written on it.

"We are coming up with our latest campaign called 'Brrr'. Through this campaign, we are giving the whole experience of having an ice cold drink. The campaign has manifested the spontaneous experience of consumers when they have it," Coca-Cola India Brand Director (Coca-Cola and Trademark) Avinash Pant said.

If having a Coke is like entering into Gucci's world, sign me up. I love that marble-mouthed rapper!

This is my fave track of his - from his album
The Burrprint Part 2.

This story about how cricketer Kevin Pietersen referred to Deepika as Royal Bangalore Chargers owner Siddharth Mallya's girlfriend in a tweet has been making the rounds and all I can think of is how hilarious Kevin Pietersen must find this.

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Go to the E St. Cinema, grab a glass of wine and see the Adjustment Bureau! Then step outside, bump into the FBI building and get the heebie jeebies. ;)

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