Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Wednesday Gossip!

Good morning!!!

Three big casting coups this morning... and two magazine covers!

AAMIR KHAN is playing the baddie in Dhoom 3!

ARSHAD WARSI is playing a negative role in a serious film called Maximum!

MINNISHA LAMBA is going to be the secondary heroine in JOKER!

I am happy for all three! Of all the starlets banging around Mumbai, Minnisha Lamba is one of the better actresses and you KNOW I love both the
Dhoom franchise AND (especially) Arshad Warsi.


Kiran Rao and hubby Aamir Khan on

Now, what else is in the gossip columns today?

* Read a thoughtful look at how
AK Hangal ended up in such dire financial straits.

Don’t artistes deserve an inbuilt system for help to flow in automatically in his sunset years? Maybe a health insurance cover and a respectable pension when he has called it a day? Is it necessary to go through the humiliation of waiting for a babu to hand down what ordinarily should be his right and due. What is the point in conferring awards and leave him begging for financial or medical help? I am reminded of the legendary Ustad Hafiz Ali Khan, who was forced to sell off his award because he needed the money.

* Ranveer Singh's ex-girlfriend is
classy and has refused to talk to the gossip rags.

* More
Joker gossip - Sonakshi Sinha may have an item number choreographed by Farah Khan. Will we have another "Munni" v. "Sheila" showdown - Bebo's Ra.1 song will be out around the same time.

* Somebody reached into my brain and pulled out
this fabulous idea for a dance show - featuring Hrithik Roshan.

* Will Mallika Sherawat be in a de-glam role opposite
Nana Patekar and Naseer?

* The
Archie Comics suit has been settled.

* Talk about nuisance lawsuits -a complaint was filed against Bipasha Basu for her
racy Maxim spread.

This is the best (i.e. most hilarious) part of the story:

Advocate Nisar Mohammed states in his complaint that hecame across the pictures when he recently purchased the January issue of the magazine. His wife, children and acquaintances "felt outraged" onseeing it, and asked him to throw the magazine away, the complaint adds.

So, instead of just not purchasing
Maxim, he's going to sue Bips? Overreact much?

* And, see, this is why white people need a Bollywood for Beginners series - the
Chill Out Festival in Australia has a Bollywood theme for no reason. I can't even figure out what is supposed to be "Bollywood" about it - since the music appears to be rock bands made up of white guys. And this event in Asheville, North Carolina thinks "Bollywood" means bellydancing and snake charming.

I should send my Beginners series to both of them.

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