Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Tuesday Gossip!

YAWN! I am still getting over this jet lag - how can it be so hard to get up in the morning?

Ah, well... moving on more interesting things... by which I do not mean the endless Valentine's Day stories floating around. Does anybody really care about what some starlets tweeted on the topic of romance? No. Does anybody care about what the media says about the latest media-produced link-up rumors? No.

Instead, how about something actually noteworthy - like Ali Zafar's new music video for "Jhoom"!

I love, love, love those twirling girls... very dreamy feel.

And a teaser for a song from
F.A.L.T.U. - according to wikipedia, this is releasing around the same time as Game and honestly, I'd rather watch Jackky Bhagnani's adorable looking second debut than the trying-too-hard-to-be-cool Game.

* Let's look at the use of
curse words in recent films.

On all those obscenity court cases:

"It's not the common man who creates such controversies. Ninety to 95 percent of such cases are created for the sake of creating it. You would not see the aam junta saying we are not ready to accept it. They rather enjoy it," Gupta added.

* Filmistan studios is really
being sold.

* Some Western-obsessed op-ed writer thinks the
singer-songwriter is the best form of music.

Ugh... I have no problem with singer-songwriters per se but the idea that personal reflection is the only valid inspiration for musical expression is just ridiculous. Yes, I enjoy Nick Drake as much as the next person but I also think that being a songwriter who writes for specific situations that have nothing to do with him or herself (like RD Burman or AR Rahman) actually takes a lot more talent and imagination than just dwelling on your own feelings all the time.

* Get ready to enter the
cricket doldrums. The next really big releases won't be until May.

* More information on
Rahat Fateh Ali Khan's detainment.

* Minnisha Lamba talks

I really don't understand when people say that some actress is playing the lead and someone else is the second lead. In Hollywood, actors do an Oceans 11, 12 and 13. So who's playing the lead there? I think Bollywood should start concentrating more on content than all these things. Labelling is something I don't want to get into. I respect Sonakshi Sinha, our industry's new comer and she has such great potential as a new comer. I absolutely loved her in Dabangg and she has a charm of her own.

In other words, Minnisha is playing the secondary female lead.

* Kajal Agarwal speaks about her
new Bollywood role.

The actor, who did a small role in the 2004 release Kyun… Ho Gaya Na!, is returning to a Hindi film after nearly eight years. “It wasn’t like I didn’t get offers from Bollywood. The truth is, nothing seemed convincing enough. Plus, I had my South Indian films keeping me busy,” says Kajal, about her choice to debut in Bollywood as a heroine now.

* Piggy Chop's
cousin is moving from Yash Chopra's marketing department to in front of the camera in the upcoming Ranveer-Anushka film Ladies VS Ricky Bahl.

Injuries kept SRK from dancing at Ekta Kapoor's awards function.

* Read more about
My Friend Hitler.

* Ranbir refuses to work with

* Allow me to get my claws out on
this bitchy story about how South actress Saloni is looking plump.

Those who noticed her stills were of the opinion that she needs to cut her flab by doing severe workouts in case if she wants to continue in the Tollywood. Some opine that the absence of enough work made her to relax and getting bulky.

If she doesn’t follow strict died and do work outs, there is no doubt that she would turn another Namitha of the film industry.

Here is a working still from the film in question... ARE YOU KIDDING ME? So body policing has moved to South films, too? In what twisted universe does this woman need 'severe workouts' to be gorgeous?

Saloni is not pin-thin and muscular like Priyanka Chopra but why would the industry want all women to have the same body type? Are all actresses going to be sharing costumes from now on? There is only enough of a wardrobe budget to clothe Priyanka Chopra so everybody else has to fit her mold?

This body fascism needs to stop NOW. Actresses should not have to starve themselves to fit some arbitrary standard - and what that bitchy article author calls 'flab' I call 'curves.' I think Saloni looks lovely just the way she is - as does Namitha.

That article-writing idiot just be hating. They wish they were as hot as Namitha... if there isn't room for her figure in South films than I don't know what I'll do. Start my own production company, I guess...


S said...

Why do people call Namitha fat? I can actually see some good muscle tone on her!

Banannie said...

I used to live a couple blocks from Filmistan Studio. So many memories! I can't believe they are closing it down and selling it even though there are folks using it! It's so sad! People would flock there to see their favorite stars in action...

ruggedboyz said...
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ruggedboyz said...

I think, the whole size zero trend, is coz of youth being obsessed with this, certain look thing, and yes its sad women have to starve themselves to survive in the industry, but its a rat race, u gotta do it, if everyone else is doing it


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