Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Tuesday Gossip!

Hello, world! Another cold and snowy day here in Washington, DC - it's good think I have some red hot gossip to keep me warm!

Let's hit it!

People magazine!

* Find out what the deal is with
Javed Akhtar and the ban.

* Here is a bizarre little piece for you - is there a
conspiracy against Patiala House?

* Priyanka Chopra is claiming that the tax department actually
didn't take 6 crores from her flat, like they said they did.

Although, her spokesman had this to say:

"First of all, no unaccounted cash was seized from her residence. And if there are some purchases - or documents related to some purchases - which were detected and there is no immediate clarity about the source of funds for them, the matter will have to be investigated further."

So, from this we can guess that "technically" no cash was seized but 6 crores worth of purchases were.

* Salman Khan is brining in Miss Universe 2010 for
Partner 2! The Mexican beauty Ximena Navarrete Rosete must have seen how well Barbara Mori was received in Kit-- oh wait. Only God and Salman Khan know why this is happening.

* More trouble for
Bodyguard's Goa schedule.

And get a
sneak peak of Salman's look in the film!

* Deepika's PR would like us to know that she didn't give
Housefull 2 a pass because of the now-shelved Heer-Ranjha but because she was offered the new Rajinikanth film. The film is also supposed to have Anushka Shetty in a 'key role' - which means what? Parallel heroines, maybe? It's certainly possible if Rajini is playing a triple role.

* Sonam Kapoor has sent
her daddy in to negotiate for her regarding Mausam.

* Oh, BARF! The main selling point of
7 Khoon Maaf is apparently lots of intimate scenes.

Well, the USP isn't going to be
Neil Nitin Mukesh's acting ability.

"I was in Kanpur spending time with my sister after Lafangey Parindey's shoot. It was my sister and my nephew's birthday. I received a call from Vishal Bhardwaj's office. His assistant called me up saying that Vishal wanted to meet me. The moment was like a dream come true moment. I flew back earlier from Kanpur and instantly ran on coming to Mumbai to meet Vishal. He narrated me the film and my character and I was floored. I didn't give any auditions."

And, honestly, telling me that NNM didn't have to give an audition is not giving me confidence in the quality of the film.

* Madhur Bhandarkar is mad that
Dil To Bachcha Hai Ji got an Adult's Only certificate - because it meant FAMILIES stayed away. FAMILIES! Really?

"The film lost twenty percent of its audience because of the Adult rating. The minute the audience hears a film is for Adults Only and that it's a sex comedy, the families stay away. I don't mean to question the censors' decision. But I wonder how DTBHJ qualifies as adult entertainment?! It's a harmless and entertaining look at courtship and romance in the metropolis. What is shocking about three guys looking for female company?"

What parents are going to take the whole family to a film about THREE GUYS LOOKING FOR FEMALE COMPANY? Even if there was no swearing - the Censor Board didn't make you run 'sex comedy' promos. Clearly, before nobody showed up for a 'sex comedy,' you thought 'sex comedy' was a great selling point. Don't start whining now - if you wanted families to come, you should have a made a family film.

Is Madhur Bhandarkar living in a fantasy world? Scratch that - obviously he, is but I suppose he is used to having Bollywood support his delusions. Like how he writes 'strong, female characters...' (You can't see me but I'm rolling my eyes at that one.)

* Is Neha Dhupia going to be on
Entourage? I can only hope so!

* The remake rights to
Dabangg have not been sold - which means Gabbar Singh cannot be an official remake.

Gangs of Wasseypur will be a trilogy.

* Ekta Kapoor, savvy businesswoman, is making a
desi-fied version of Shorr with extra footage. Ekta also wants Vidya Balan to put on extra poundage for Dirty Picture. (I love you, Ekta!)

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Bombay Talkies said...

That was one of the questions I had about Dirty Picture--as lovely as she was, Silk Smitha was not a...small...girl. I'm glad they're going for a bit of realism on that.

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