Sunday, February 6, 2011

Sunday Gossip!

Good morning, all!

Another cold day here in Washington, DC but at least it's sunny outside - which is more than I can say for yesterday.

* The
Mumbai Mirror questions why Karan Johar hasn't said a word on Egypt when they were such fans of My Name Is Khan.

Fans of Johar may wonder why I should expect him to make public his personal political views, if in case he has any. Perhaps his films speak for what he thinks and believes in. What would a sentence of support from someone like Johar or Shah Rukh Khan mean to the pro-democracy protesters in Egypt? Not much I would imagine. The demonstrators have been mostly looking for words of strong support from President Barack Obama.

Open Magazine thinks Koffee With Karan is tacky.

Highlights include: Deepika Padukone’s infamous statement that ex-boyfriend Ranbir Kapoor should endorse a brand of condoms; Sonam Kapoor declaring that everyone in Bollywood has an atrocious sense of style—or as she so eloquently put it, “They all suck”...

* Is it a panty-less scandal if there are
no pictures?

* What's the deal with all those
Bollywood sequels?

Lessons from Hollywood, or merely a drying up of ideas? It's neither, if one were to believe the filmmakers trying to recapture audiences with sequels. Boney Kapoor of BSK Network and Entertainment that has projects such as Mr India 2 , No Entry Mein Entry, and possibly a sequel to Salman Khan-starrer Wanted (2009), says: “A sequel carries forward the credibility established by the first project. The hero creates the initial interest; a sequel multiplies that interest manifold. There is a lot of media buzz around the sequel, something one has to work very hard for in a standalone film,” he says, adding that part of this phenomenon could be attributed to Hollywood. “There was a sequel effect in Hollywood. The Munnabhai…, Golmaal and Dhoom sequels have created an excitement in Bollywood too.”

* Neil Nitin Mukesh is understandably
thrilled to be working with Vishal Bhardwaj, as is Priyanka Chopra.

If Vishal can make these two look like they're acting, then I will be impressed.

* Lata Mangeshkar is sorry she missed the
Hum Dono premiere.

* Ayesha Takia,
businesswoman... but she's still acting.

What followed was Takia’s meticulous field research before deciding to turn entrepreneur. “I have always been a foodie, and that is something that we have in common. I felt that this was the time to shift gears and get into the business of beverages. I quite enjoyed the whole homework that I did (researching on caf├ęs in India and abroad). I’m flying off to Ooty for 52 days for a Nagesh Kukunoor film, but when I come back, I might not have the time to devote to a hectic acting schedule. I might not be seen as much in commercial cinema, but I plan to continue acting and do a few meaningful movies to satisfy the actor in me,” she adds.

* Irrfan Khan will not be
a villainin Spiderman.

* Sharmila Tagore discusses the
Censor Board.

Prakash Jha reportedly said Raajneeti was given an A certificate due to the pressure from the Congress and the Gandhi family.

That’s really not true. The CBFC gave him an A rating because it felt there were two very intimate scenes and he was asked to cut a dialogue that said, “All women politicians have to sleep with someone to get a ticket.” He went to a reviewing committee and to the FCAT. Here, he finally agreed to some cuts, I think, before releasing his film as U/A.

* And
Vijay, Vishal, and Vikram in Mani Ratnam's next!

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Bombay Talkies said...

I can't imagine a film more unnecessary than No Entry Mein Entry except maybe for No Entry. Other than an annoying title song that gets stuck in my head every time I see Bips in something that film had no redeeming qualities. Ugh.

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