Sunday, February 27, 2011

Sunday Gossip! Song promo edition!

Good morning, everybody!

First things first, the
Thank You trailer is out:

Regressive gender roles? Check. But if this is about Akshay Kumar being a
khildadi everywhere and charming Anna, Irrfan, and Bobby Deol's wives, then I can live with it.

Look, I'm only human! What do you want me to do when Akshay is pelvic thrusting all over the place? I can't resist that! Plus, it's nice to see Bobby Deol back in action and there is something really satisfying seeing Master Thespian Irrfan Khan get all

Now, let's see what the gossip columns have thrown up for us today:

* A new song promo for
Game! "Mehki Mehki" feat. Sarah Jane Dias.

Now, finally, here is something in
Game to look forward to!

* There is a cranky new book on
film songs: "A Journey Down Melody Lane: Making of a Hindi Film Song" by Raju Bharatan

The harshest words, in the context of Bharatan’s perceived decay of Hindi film music, are however reserved for the Big B, who he blames for prioritising violence and violent dialogue over music. In a chapter titled "The Great Fall!", he punches hard, “If you, therefore, asked me to underpin the one solid reason for the decadent decline of Hindustani cinesangeet, I would say it is Amitabh Bachchan. ....the Big B...betrayed a sad lack of social conscience in the thoughtless idolising of violence ...”

* If the IIFAs bring on
Akshay Kumar as their brand ambassador this year, I will be a VERY happy girl.

Deepika Padukone might be doing an item song for Power Star Pawan's adaptation of Love Aaj Kal.

I've said it once and I'll say it again - Deepika Padukone is NOT SEXY nor can she dance. Cute? Fine. Some people think so but Deepika has that look of the innocent girl next door. Of course, I am willing to be proven wrong - I love a good item song - but nothing we've seen from Deepika before merits the kind of fuss going on in the Bollywood gossip columns about her song in
Dum Maro Dum. If it's even as good as, say, Jackie's in Housefull, I'll eat my hat...

This is just embarrassing... for everybody. She can't lipsync. You can see her counting out the (very simple) moves in her head. And instead of a sultry expression, she just has a nervous grin.

Please, tell me what is so sexy about this that everybody is allegedly so excited for in
Dum Maro Dum.

You know, I think Preity Zinta is actually the actress that Deepika should be taking her cue from. Preity has that same "girl next door" energy about her but Preity makes it work for her. She's not sleazy or seductive in her item song from
Main aur Mrs Khanna but she gives off a healthy sexual aura.


honeycombveils said...

Wow, you really don't like Deepika..! I have to disagree with you on this one. We can debate her acting abilities till we're blue in the face, but the girl can dance rather well, in fact - much better than Katrina - and I find her very graceful and beautiful although a bit on the thin side. And why should she look up to Preity of all people? Totally different types, and I'm not sure in what neighborhood would Deepika be considered the girl next door. In the 3-4 movies I've seen her in she always looked way too striking.
(I'm fresh off watching OSO and I thought she was great in her debut.)

Filmi Girl said...

@honeycombveils And wow, we really disagree! I don't find her graceful in the least - Deepika always looks so awkward to me. Even in OSO.

And I think Deepika has that same bubbly persona as Preity - although her acting and dancing are much poorer. That's why I think she should take a page from Preity's book when it comes to songs.

Bombay Talkies said...

I never thought Preity was much of a dancer (and with the exception of a few roles she's an obnoxious actress-that screechy voice, yikes). I agree with honeycombveils--Deepika has talent. I thought her performance in the OSO numbers, especially Dhoom Taana, was absolutely fantastic. And, like HCV said, a world above Kat, who can't even sit in a chair without looking awkward, let alone try to dance.

Filmi Girl said...

@bombaytalkies Let's leave Kat out of it. :)

Given enough time and a good choreographer - as in OSO - Deepika did just fine. But I wouldn't call her "sexy" in those dances and she's being sold as "sexy" in her item song. If you thought she was sexy in "Love Mera Hit Hit" fine but I really don't see it. She just looks super awkward.

Exhibit B: O Girl from Housefull

See! As much as I dislike Lara Dutta's acting, she can do decent sexy bikini dancing. I've never seen Akshay so tentative about touching his dance partner as he is with Deepika in this song. She's just so awkward.

Although I don't know how seriously I can can take the opinion of somebody who doesn't like Preity... ;PPP (I kid, I kid... all are welcome here. :))

Bombay Talkies said...

Lol well I like Preity, I just don't think she's particularly good. She's bubbly and fun and gives great interviews but I usually need an aspirin after I've watched one of her films. She's a member of the "maybe if I yell the lines it'll look like I'm emoting" school of acting.

And yes, of course the choreographer matters. Just as there are certain actresses (coughcoughAishwarya) who need a strong director to pull a good performance out of them, the same goes for dancers.

Deepika is...gangly? I guess that's a good way to describe her. But she can be quite elegant and I enjoy her acting. It's not perfect but it's better than a lot of what's out there.

Love Mera Hit Hit wasn't good, no. But (and this is just my opinion) it's a bit of an outlier when it comes to her performances. Most of them are much better than that. And the choreography in that song was just shit.

(OT but the word verification phrase on this entry is "Bug Slut." Google has clearly gone off the rails.) :P

Filmi Girl said...

@bombaytalkies :)

Yes, Deepika is gangly and you are welcome to enjoy her acting. :)))

But she is not sexy and sexy is what an item song needs.

This is from LP and while it's much better than LMHH, to put it in appropriate skating terms, she is a Nancy Kerrigan - item numbers need a Tonya Harding.

Maybe Deepika's dance in DMD will be great, I'm willing to be wrong about that, but it will not be sexy. This is the point I keep trying to hammer home, Deepika just doesn't do sexy - she's awkward when she has to be that bold filmi sexy.

I can see how others find her cute, graceful, girlish, etc. but not a grown-up sexy.

bollywooddeewana said...

The original pyar do pyar lo song from feroz Khan's Janbaaz (1986)has to be morst homoerotic bollywood picturizatioin ever, see it for yourself here, plus Rekha totally rocks it

Filmi Girl said...

@bollywooddeewana Thank you, brother! I will do a comparison for sure. ;) Maybe they picked it because Bobby and Akki were in Dosti?

Note from Filmi Girl:

I love Bollywood - and all the ridiculous things that happen in Bollywood - but it doesn't mean that I can't occasionally make fun of various celebrities and films.

If you don't like my sense of humor, please just move on by - Trolls are not appreciated and nasty comments will be deleted.

xoxo Filmi Girl
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