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Monday Gossip!

Happy Presidents Day, America!

You know who needs to make an appearance...

I'm sure Mama Jenny would be proud.

And good morning to the rest of the world!

* Let's start with a behind-the-scenes article on the filming of
Patiala House.

Later, I visited Akshay's trailer and watched him eat a plate of salmon and roasted vegetables with his hands, as if it were dhal and chapatis. He was raised in a modest middle-class household before learning martial arts, which led to the movies. Now 42 and one of India's most famous faces, friendly and welcoming, he sat me down, offered me food and bantered in Punjabi. I asked him what his secret was. "A Bollywood star must be a very good actor," he told me. "Above that, he must be a great human being." Only in India, the land that irony forgot, do people say something like that. "You have to be good-looking. You have be able to act, dance, do action. It's so demanding."

* More on the copyright battle between
composers and producers:

"A wrong perception has been built up, giving an impression that composers do not make money from a hit song. The fact is that the composers and singers make millions by performing on hit songs by way of live shows," filmmaker Mahesh Bhatt, who is on the producers' side, said in a posting on his microblogging site Twitter.

"Whereas the producers take the entire commercial risk, how can you ask for an equal share in the profit when you don't share the loss?"

* Along the same lines, Tollywood art director Ravinder is the first art director to have gotten a
patent for his set design.

* The new
Oxford Encyclopedia of Indian Music contains no mention of Bollywood, along with a few other flaws.

There are a few gaps that may perhaps be apparent only to a musician. For instance, even on Wikipedia, a description of Shrutis -- the frequency of specific musical notes -- provides specific frequencies. The Encyclopaedia didn't. Nor did it refer to the full forms of Sa, Re, Ga, Ma in its description of these notes. Even Grove dictionary of music, which is the first point of research for any musician, lists other research work, and recordings that one can refer to.

* Has Sonakshi Sinha been tapped for a role opposite Kamal Hassan? The film is apparently based on
Hannibal, although if Kamal Hassan is taking the Anthony Hopkins role, I think the author of the article is mistaken if he thinks Kamal Hassan will be "romancing" Sonakshi Sinha - unless the new definition of "romancing" involves cannibalism.

* Is Deepika Padukone going to star opposite
Salman Khan in the Rajkumar Santoshi diredted Ladies and Gentlemen?

* Hema Malini thinks Katrina Kaif will be a great
Seeta and Geeta.

“I think Katrina would make a wonderful Geeta in Seeta Aur Geeta. But let me warn her it wasn’t easy for me to do all the stunts and running around. To play Geeta I needed very high energy levels."

* Anushka Shetty was dropped from
Singam because she demanded too much money. But considering she's going to be doing Pitha with Vikram, I don't think it's too much of a loss.

* Actress
Sophia Hayat is snooty about Bollywood.

When asked about her chances of making it big in Bollywood, Hayat retorts, “In Bollywood, you don't have to be a good actor, in fact, most stars are just good looking.”

* And actress Mukti Mohan is
excited about her Bollywood debut in Sahib Biwi aur Ganster.

* As is
Narmmadaa - although she is more interested in talking about her dad.

Word has it that Govinda was annoyed because Salman helped Sonakshi make a successful debut when apparently, he was supposed to help you launch your career...

This is absolutely baseless. Fact is, the story began with some rumour mongering. Why would dad be upset with Salman? After all, they are friends. Having said that, I feel, one should be able to help oneself rather than wait for someone to do the same for them. I was never approached for
Dabangg and neither did dad talk to Salman about the same.

* Adah Sharma is glad to be
back on screen.

* Rahat Fateh Ali Khan is heading home to
Pakistan - but are people outraged for the wrong reason?

* Allu Arjun is excited about
his wedding.

* Farhan Akhtar talks
Don 2:

What was you equation like with Shah Rukh this time?

I feel in terms of his real-life personality Don, suits Shah Rukh to the hilt. In real life too there's a certain flamboyance and magnetism about Shah Rukh. He brings these qualities effortlessly to the part. Also, like me, he has great respect and love for the original
Don (featuring Amitabh Bachchan). At the same time he gives the character his own spin. In the second Don we've taken some of the essence of what Shah Rukh did in the first Don. But we've also given him some new things to do.

* Silk Smitha's former boyfriend is trying to
foul up Ekta Kapoor's film.

Vinu also feels that Vidya Balan is unsuited to play the lead role in Dirty Picture. According to him, “Vidya has a sad face and the main attractiveness of Smitha lay in her large, inviting eyes. This is missing in Vidya. Deepika or Aishwarya would be better.”

With such a slew of attacks, Ekta was eager to talk to us when contacted. “Vinu is talking rubbish. To begin with, how can he cast aspersions on my casting? Vidya is such a fine actress. Has he seen how broad her range of emotion is on screen? And Vidya certainly doesn’t have a sad face.

I don’t know how Vinu looks, but there’s an age-old saying ‘peele ko peela dikhta hai’. Besides, silk was made by worms, not Vinu.”

* I'll leave you with a rebuttal of
a New York Times article on the use of English in India.

In fact, the first few claims he makes are correct, until he gets to the phrase “most educated Indians.” The problem is that Bollywood scripts are written in English for a complex set of reasons: screenplay writers, for example, may not be proficient enough (originally they were primarily Hindi or Urdu poets or writers, but now they draw from many walks of life) and also, people working in Bollywood come from diverse linguistic areas of the country (where Hindi may or may not be spoken). In fact, Ms. Katrina Kaif, the star performer of “Sheila ki Jawani,” has had many of her dialogues dubbed in Hindi films because she was raised primarily by an English mother, and grew up outside of India. The shift, then, in contradiction to Mr. Joseph’s claims, is not merely because “most educated Indians” prefer to do so, but because of the alteration in the demography of Bollywood.

ETA: Aamir Khan finally admits he shouldn't have acted in 3 Idiots.

"I shouldn't have acted in 3 Idiots as in no way do I look like an 18 year old. The only reason I did the film was because it was about education."

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happy presidents day,
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