Monday, February 7, 2011

Monday Gossip!

Hello, world! Just a couple more days until I leave for London... and I cannot wait!

Filmfare Awards performance from SRK and Madhuri!

I have no idea why the sound is a little wonky but the dancing is so nice!

* What's the deal with the word

If Amitabh Bachchan and Salman Khan are the select few who have expressed their displeasure about 'Bollywood' being in circulation, it is fine as they are entitled to their opinion. However, the question that comes to one's mind is - 'Other than the fact that it is made to sound like Hollywood and hence presumed to be a poorer cousin of the films coming from West, is it really an issue if Bollywood continues to be the chosen word?'

After all, at the end of the day, Bollywood is just a word and the one which has given Hindi film industry its identity. It may have borrowed from its Western counterparts but how does it actually make a difference? At the end of the day, the term is in circulation for decades now and generations have called the Hindi film industry by this name.

* Lata Mangeshkar isn't impressed with the
Filmfare Awards.

* The Sonali Bendre pantyless rumors impress (and convince)

* There is going to be a new book on
Hrithik Roshan.

* Why didn't
Hum Dono find an audience for the re-release?

Secondly, Hum Dono was not a classic but just a good film. It was loved when released; it had also done well at the box office. However, it didn't have the kind of shelf life as the likes of Mughal-E-Azam or Sholay and wasn't enjoying multiple re-runs on satellite or via home video.

What does Dev Anand have to say about the
colorized Hum Dono?

Hum Dono in black and white or Hum Dono in colour?

There are people who have asked me why I coloured it.

People who believe that old classics should remain black and white?

That's right. But these are people who are not intelligent. Hum Dono is not a murder mystery, which needs dark areas. Hum Dono has love, romance, violence, war, mutilation. It's God's verdict that it is now enveloped in color.

So your answer is Hum Dono in color.

And tell me, would you like to see any beautiful girl in black and white? (winks)

Actually, Dev-saab, yes. Yes I would like to see beautiful ladies in black and white - and I consider myself very intelligent.

Although, Anushka Sharma is looking very nice in color on the cover of

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