Sunday, February 13, 2011

Good-bye, London!

My little visit has come to end and I pack up and head home to Washington, DC today. Regular updates should start up tomorrow (or Tuesday at the very latest.)

You know, as many times as I've come to the UK, I always forget one thing - I never feel more American than I do here. I grew up in the English-speaking expatriate community in Europe and spent a lot of time in the UK (mostly in Scotland), so coming back to the UK is a lot like coming home.

(It's such a treat to eat my favorite ploughman's cheese sandwich every day for lunch with a nice pint of cider.)

On Thursday, I had the opportunity to go to a press screening of
Patiala House and met adorable Sunny Malik. I don't know how this guy does it - school, part-time job, and a journalist, as well!

The screening was held out at the
Safari Cinema out in Harrow. A few of the actors from the film were there and I got to meet "Jassi" (Armaan Kirmani) in person. It was a lot of fun to hear the cheering from the crowd whenever a homegrown actor made an appearance onscreen. And let me tell you, there were two big laughs in the film - one was for that white guy speaking Hindi and the other was for the reveal of the fugly fiancee.

Unfortunately, the screening ran late and I ended up having to take the night bus home... that was the quite the experience! Late night on public transportation collects such an odd variety of people, including myself I suppose.

Friday, I met up with the
Upodcast team - my dear podcast friend Asim Burney and his co-hosts Martin and Ahmed. We had such a good time talking about everything pop culture. It's not every group you can through out quotes from Tango & Cash and bring the house down.

(But I have never felt more like a country bumpkin for not speaking French in my entire life - including when I lived in Paris! *note to self* Learn French.)

Saturday, I went out to Southall for the Bolly Meet-Up! Check out my pani puri - a dish I haven't had since I was actually IN Mumbai!

(Posing with the soon to be famous filmmaker
Jun6lee! He was fresh off the plane from a trip to Mumbai... I was impressed!)

And the whole gang! There's lovely, lovely
Bollywood Deewana in the top left corner - who was like meeting a brother from another mother! Lisa and her friend and then Monica on the far right, who is such a sweetheart that she took the time from her busy schedule to come sightseeing with me on Thursday. And then Jun6lee and SRK's No. 1 fan Glenda on the bottom row!

All in all, I had a wonderful trip! Thank you, London! I will definitely be back soon...


Stephanie said...

It sounds like you had the full London experience...scary night buses and yummy cider, mmmmm.

I'm curious as to why you needed to speak French in London. In my experience hardly anyone here can speak it.

bollywooddeewana said...

Ahhh seemed like you sure packed a lot into four days, it was an absolute pleasure meeting you and you'll surely be missed by London's bolly crew, please come back soon again..........xx

eliza bennet said...

Thank you so much for sharing and very happy that you had a nice time (and survived the night ride).

God I wish I was there with London Bolly crew. It would have been so nice to talk Indian films (as opposed to type them :) ).

Thelondongirl said...

you see I now live in Detroit Michigan, and i'm mad. I've lived in London all my life and never had the guts to go to Indian moves by myself. Now i'm fully immersed in the whole indian cinema experience it bugs me that I cant do it to the fullest like I would in London. I'm glad you had fun. London night buses arent that scary really, you just have to put your london face on ( clue = its mean and tightlipped lol)

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