Friday, February 4, 2011

Friday Gossip!

IT'S FRIDAY! This has been the longest week but now... the weekend and then London!

Now, what is happening in Bollywood!? This is kind of a dead zone for new releases until after the World Cup, so the only new reviews are for
United Six (consensus: it sucks). And the only thing playing at my local theater is the misogynist sex romp that Madhur Bhandarkar thinks is appropriate for the entire family. No, thanks!

* Check out a nice piece on
Patiala House from a London paper!

* SONU SOOD! One of my favorite villains has been banned from doing
villain roles until Dabangg 2. But he's playing a cop opposite Arshad Warsi's villain in Maximum!! The filming for that starts on the 6th.

* And a two-fer of starlets battling the "sexy" label.

Deepika Padukone signs up to do an
item number and then complains that the lyrics are too raunchy.


Remember yesterday, when I was so glad that Sonakshi had Shotgun looking out for her? Well, apparently, she feels that she would rather go the way of starlets who don't have powerful Daddys and
lose a lot of weight and then cram herself into a bikini.


(And then I would hand her a healthy meal and an outfit Shotgun would approve of.)

And you know, it's not that I object to girls in bikinis or girls deciding to go their own way and ignore their father's advice but there is this false dichotomy that exists in American culture that I've been seeing on display in mainstream Bollywood - that aiming for a "Girls Gone Wild" look is liberating for women. It's not. Having to diet down to a size zero and putting yourself on display for men to look but not touch is not liberating - for American women or Bollywood actresses.

I highly recommend
this book if you want to read more about it.

* You know, I love so many classic Bollywood films and I really do appreciate Dev Anand (I have an autographed copy of his autobiography!) but I honestly do not understand the fuss over
Hum Dono, which just has its colorized premiere. Is it really considered that big of a classic? There are so many better Dev Anand films that deserve to be dug out and re-screened. What about Taxi Driver? Kala Bazaar? Both are better than snooze-fest Hum Dono.

* Madhuri Dixit likes
Sonakshi and Anushka Sharma from all the new girls.

* Ganesh Acharya's
Angel is releasing the same day as Patiala House. Somehow, I think this is worse news for Ganesh than the Patiala House crew.

* More trouble for
T-Series - they're taking some TV stations to court.

* The Times of India refuses to believe that
Anushka and Ranveer are not dating.

All said and done, we still have our eyes on you Ranveer-Anushka!


* I was looking forward to
Student of the Year until I heard that it was based on Glee. Yuck.

* Will there be a Telugu
Sholay remake with Prabhas and Gopichand? If there is or not, I'm already in line for tickets!

* Read about the challenges of
playing gay in Bollywood.

In agreement, Sanjay Suri says, "My mannerisms were masculine in My Brother...Nikhil and the character focused on the internal struggle of someone who has AIDS and is about to die, someone who has been ostracised. There are very few well-written scripts on social issues, most movies include gay characters for sensationalism. Many people warned me that doing this role was commercial suicide. But I have only gained from the film." Recalling some of the best reactions to the movie, Sanjay says, "Watching homophobic aunts and uncles cry over a gay relationship was fun." He further adds, "It wasn't very difficult because no physical intimacy was required; the main challenge was to lose 8 kilos in a month and to get the physical appearance right."


ruggedboyz said...

well caught naseer at one of the premiere of Dev Sahebs colored movie, who looked quiet appalled at the whole making the movie colored, he was of the opinion that, it tough to shoot a movie bnw and i hope this gimmick hasnt spoilt the movie from its beauty

yip said...

The link to Female Chauvinist Pigs was very interesting. All forms of power, it could be argued, are based on specific contexts and willing participants. Whether this power is 'liberating' as some argue is an interesting debate. Sometimes the idea of 'liberating' relates to the individual using their body to make money so they can educate themselves, or move up the social scale. It happens in various fields - sport being a good example (boxing historically is an excellent example - Jewish, Italian and more recently Black men have all escaped from impoverished backgrounds by boxing - but at what cost?) Should people be stopped from using their bodies to better their lives?

I think I agree with the porno influencing culture argument. In a nutshell though, it could be simply said that thinking is difficult - getting out your muscles or breasts or whatever is not so difficult - for some it's a no-brainer...

When I watch an old-is-gold movie there’s something quite beautiful and poetic about the chaste nature of the sexuality. Beauty being represented by eyes and smiles and people’s actions rather than flat tummies and chiselled chins.

Note from Filmi Girl:

I love Bollywood - and all the ridiculous things that happen in Bollywood - but it doesn't mean that I can't occasionally make fun of various celebrities and films.

If you don't like my sense of humor, please just move on by - Trolls are not appreciated and nasty comments will be deleted.

xoxo Filmi Girl
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