Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Wednesday Gossip!

Hello, world! Are you ready for some gossip!?

First things first, though - please go check out Ani's hilarious
flow chart for choosing the perfect romantic comedy.


* Who is going to IIFA in
TORONTO?! June 23-25!

Bollywood superstar leading man Amitabh Bachchan has reportedly been replaced as spokesman for the event. But Kapoor, giving a hint of the regal way Indian stars talk publicly, didn’t want to enter the fray of gossip. Instead, he insisted he was a supporter of the awards show and was doing what he could to help. Unspoken subtext: He knows all about the controversy back home.

* Read an interesting take on why
Bollywood stars don't make it in Hollywood.

Says Kabir Bedi:

"Their cinema is based on an entirely different construct and is totally different from ours. So is the outlook, perspective, way of work and professionalism that they bring to the table. It’s not good or bad … just different. Look at it this way — would we, could we ever really, really exploit the talents of any of their top-stars in a Bollywood movie? It would be a disastrous brand-fit! Look what happened to the great Ben Kingsley in Teen Patti. And remember the great Rex Harrison’s totally forgettable presence in Krishna Shah’s Shalimar way back in the late 70s? Also what about super hot Beyonce Knowles’ recent hip hop appearance with Akki in Blue? It just doesn’t work.”

Actually it was Kylie but the point stands.

* All the 40ish ladies are stepping back out into the limelight!

Madhuri Dixit is looking for
new challenges and a way to politely decline acting opposite Sonam Kapoor.

"The right kind of script is very important. I want to do a fun and entertaining movie which my fans would like to watch. So I am waiting for those kind of scripts. I am ready for an image change if I think a film is going to be nice and entertaining and it's going to say something different."

And Juhi Chalwa has stepped in as an associate producer for Onir's
I Am.

* Everybody is heading back to TV! Salman Khan is heading back to
Bigg Boss and Amitabh Bachchan will be back on KBC.

And my favorite actor Arshad Warsi can be seen on TLC's
Mr. Wright on Jan. 31st.

* Who keeps giving the green light to films that star Abhi and Aish opposite each other?! They have ZERO on-screen chemistry! We'll get to see their zero chemistry in a new film called
Ladies and Gentlemen.

* Aamir Khan's lovemaking scene in
Dhobi Ghat was axed. Also, the film is being released without an interval - so make sure you take care of business before the screening begins.

* Cat fight between the girls of
Dil Toh Bachcha Hai Ji over the make-up van. (YAWN)

* Sudhir Mishra refuses to change the title of his
film to please the Censor Board.


here and here.


Here are some pictures from Josh Hartnett-Bipasaha Basu film
Singularity! How is it that Bips looks divine and Josh looks like an extra from Mel Gibson starrer The Patriot?

The woman is GORGEOUS!

"Hey, Mel, which way is craft services? Are extras allowed to eat the wings because I can totally put this plate back but..."


Anishok said...

Aw, thank you so much for the plug :D I think my blog has gotten its highest traffic rate ever. :D

Lime(tte) said...

I love that Bipasha doesn't wear too much make-up in that movie! Hope that it will run at our cinema... Otherwise: GG - Great gossip.

yip said...

Sharmila Tagore is still going..? Crikey...

Bluemay said...

Interesting article with Kabir Bedi. HW is a business and international appeal makes the most money. They are not going to cast top BW stars when no one except BW fans know of them. Besides if HW casts Indians, Asians, etc..., they can get them in the US with American accents. We have everyone here! Article fails to mention that talent plays a big part in HW and its awards compared to the filmi family structure of BW.

Bipasha is gorgeous. I have a girl crush on her :)

Bombay Talkies said...

There's really no reason for Dhobi Ghat to have an intermission--it's only 90ish minutes long.

Shell said...

Of course I had to run and check of the TLC channel I have is running Mr. Wright. Alas it is not! :( Guess that's another show I'll have to catch on youtube.

Also, lol on the Josh Harnett observation and he TOTALLY does look like a Patriot cast off. Bips is the only reason I would ever see this.

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xoxo Filmi Girl
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