Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Wednesday Gossip!

Good morning!


* First, have a
rant about the quality of the films of 2010.

Self-declared maestros and their ilk have single-handedly managed to not just shut down a few production houses by their self-indulgent rubbish but also demolished the morale of potential investors. It is a con act when you charge an irrecoverable sum of money from a studio for making a terrible film.

2010 not just saw bad content but also huge losses, as stakes got higher. Premieres in London and promotions on prime time TV shows can never salvage a bad film and that’s a lesson to be learnt for the coming year.

* Sanjay Dutt is going to stop promoting
tobacco products.

* Thai action director
Seelum Pradit has been brought in for Salman Khan's Ready.

* Hema's other daughter
Ahana Deol is set to enter Bollywood.

* The
Patiala House poster has been changed to add Anushka Sharma.

* Surya is willing to team up with
Ram Gopal Varma again.

* Shahid Kapoor's
Mausam has been hit with a plagiarism controversy - but not from Hollywood. Nope, a old friend of Pankaj's is claiming he stole the story idea.

* Raja Sen picks his
top films of the year - thankfully, no My Name Is Khan.

* Maddy is thinks the
Hyderabad airport is lucky for him - and insisted a Tanu Weds Manu sequence be shot there.

This is actually one rom-com I'm looking forward to. The dire looking
Dil To Bacha Hai Jee, not so much.

* Imran Khan has been kicked out of a
film after shooting started. Saif Ali Khan is replacing Imran in Cocktail, which I can only hope is "inspired" by the Patrick Swayze film of the same name and has a lead role that will accomodate either a 27-year old man or a 40-year old man because I refuse to see ONE MORE FILM that is supposed to be realistic and has anybody over the age of 40 playing 20ish.

* Poor Sunny D has had a tough time
finding his place in an industry suddenly focused on those "realistic" films. Where is the role for the guy who can beat up 100 mooks?

* And Sanjay Gupta is back in the
director's seat for an upcoming action film.

* If
this book is in English, I'm going to search for it immediately! Does anybody know?


eliza bennet said...

"Cocktail, which I can only hope is "inspired" by the Patrick Swayze film of the same name"

Can this be the one starring Tom Cruise (not Patrick Swayze) or is there another one with the same name starring Patrick (if so I need to find it a.s.a.p)

Yunus Perveez said...

yeah I think you mean Patrick Swayze's RoadHouse which would be a perfect Bollywood remake ;-)

I'm sure the Ranbirs/Imran's would love to do some bare-chested taichi on beach

Note from Filmi Girl:

I love Bollywood - and all the ridiculous things that happen in Bollywood - but it doesn't mean that I can't occasionally make fun of various celebrities and films.

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xoxo Filmi Girl
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