Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Tuesday GOSSIP!

Good mornings, all!

Guess who is going to London?! *spoiler alert* ME! I'll be there Feb 9-13 - and would love to organize a nice little Bolly Blog meet-up! Is anybody interested?

Before news, check out this article on the
dangers of chasing after an exotic and fair look.

Mercury Bollywood columnist Nisha Ramlutchman says in the Indian community “the concepts of fairness is linked to the idea of being superior (in many ways such as: more beautiful, more desirable, more accomplished, more successful, more everything) and is embedded within the Indian psyche. Bollywood perpetuates these beliefs by continually casting actors with pale skin, eyes and hair. Actors such as Hritik Roshan and Aishwarya Rai Bachchan do indeed have exotic looking eyes, but Indians in general are not genetically predisposed to this look. When youngsters try to emulate the look of their favourite film stars, such as chasing a light complexion, they risk serious physical and psychologically damage.”

Okay, now... the biggest story of the day according to the gossip press:

* When the Tax Department knocked on Priyanka Chopra's door,
they found Shahid Kapoor. Um... okay? So, they are dating - does anybody really care?

* Rajinikanth has offered the coveted heroine's role in his next film to
Deepika Padukone but she may not be able to accept it because of date clashes.

* News from Sundance - the remake rights to
The Bengali Detective have been snapped up!

* We're not the only ones who think SRK is looking a little thin and wan these days - wife
Gauri Khan agrees. At least according to this article, which doesn't have any quotes from her but I believe it because poor Rukhie is looking so tired!

* Is the world ready to knock on the door of
13B-2? Maddy certainly hopes so!

* Add
Dhobi Ghat to the list of small films making a nice profit this January.

* This has been in the news a couple days but I haven't reported it yet - Telugu remake of
Dabangg is in the works. To be titled Gabbar Singh.

* And the
3 Idiots remake is also staring soon!

I know we're supposed to be indignant about remakes but I actually like them - I mean, if I liked a story once, doesn't that mean I'll like it twice?

* This news has been rumored for a while -
Salman Khan to get all villainous in Mr. India 2. Is this a fantasy kept alive by media reports or an actual film?! Nobody knows!

* Here's some info on RGV's
Five Day Film Spree.

* Lata-ji warns of a
conman posing as her secretary!

* Irrfan Khan's character in
Thank You is a total lothario. All I can say to Anees Bazmee is... THANK YOU!

* Imtiaz Ali likes working with
firang girls apparently. He is said to have gotten Nargis speaking quite well in Rockstar.

* In a surevy conducted by a leading condom brand, Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif were voted
most doable.

* And our Ranbir is
going to fight for girls but not in the way he usually does. He is joining a campaign to raise awareness for girl's issues.

"My parents always treated my sister Ridhima and me equally. In fact, my sister always got preferential treatment. That's the way it should be in every household. I want the girl child to be given a little more attention than the son. And I want to work towards creating that awareness."

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