Thursday, January 20, 2011

Thursday Gossip - Late Edition

Hello, lovlies! I was a bit under the weather this morning, so your gossip is a teensy bit late...

First things first - with the release of
Dhobi Ghat comes some interest from the Western media in Bollywood again.

USA Today suggests that the film represents a "reboot" of the industry.

Part intimate character study, part paean to Mumbai (formerly Bombay), the vibrant, sprawling, striving center of India's booming economy, Mumbai Diaries is one of the first Indian films to attempt to penetrate the Western market in the wake of the success of Slumdog Millionaire. That 2009 Oscar winner was a British film but set in India.

By contrast,
Diaries is all Indian: Indian filmmakers, funding, cast, story, setting and language (with a fair amount of English, one of India's important second languages). As such, it's the first of what could be a new wave of Indian films that redefine the traditional Bollywood sensibilities.

While the main part of this article is actually pretty on point, I don't like the implication that just because
Dhobi Ghat is closer to Western art house films than most Bollywood that it represents some sort of new wave of Indian cinema that is legitimate.

The Globe and Mail bangs home the same point but catches this nice quote from Aamir Khan:

Khan is proud that his wife’s debut feature has been compared to the works of Satyajit Ray or Wong Kar-wai, and careful to point out how Dhobi Ghat differs from the blockbusters created in India’s giant film industry.

“Mainstream Indian cinema is one of the few things in our country that shoulders its core responsibility – it entertains one billion people. It doesn’t really bother me that a person from a different culture does not connect with these films. They are not meant to,” he said.

Well put, Aamir-sir. And I appreciate that the author of the article kept the quote in.

* Tickets for IIFA are officially
on sale! Sold out!

* Keep yesteryears actor
AK Hangal in your thoughts, as he and his family struggle with mounting medical bills.

* Neetu Chandra is
outraged (OUTRAGED) that anybody would hint that she was going pantyless.

Neetu said that she need not stoop down to such cheap publicity at any point of time.

Right. Because this isn't the same actress who did a sexy faux-lesbian photoshoot
and claimed it was artistic.

* If
Kaavalan isn't your cup of tea, Salman-Kareena are starring in the Hindi remake of Bodyguard.

* Bobby Deol is into
self-publicity now.

* Saif Ali Khan is REALLY into
self-publicity these days.

Also tell us about your passion for music.

I think I can play the guitar fairly well and I'm going to take it along with me to Bhopal while we shoot for “Aarakshan”. I think the Indian rock bands are doing great and my personal favourites are Parikrama and Pentagram.

* Katrina is playing an updated
Seeta aur Geeta!

* Deepika Padukone has finally figured out how to game the system. She doesn't have overwhelming talent or a movie star daddy, so
she has landed a rich guy willing to produce films for her.

Peepli Live is out of the running for the Oscars.

I think it's so odd that so much prestige is placed on Oscar by Bollywood when in reality the Oscars are just as loaded with political maneuvering and backbiting as the Indian Awards they all seem to be
cynical about.

* Rambha has given birth to a
baby girl!

Mallika Sherawat is off Chak Dhoom Dhoom for good.

* And directors/producers react to the
Onir scandal.

Faruk Kabir: My sympathies are entirely with Onir. The solution lies in having a protocol for meeting actors, male or female, either at their office or at a coffee shop and always at an appropriate time.

Though I don’t know the actor or Onir, I feel this actor is big enough to punch Onir if anything untoward happened. The actor did it for cheap publicity.

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