Sunday, January 30, 2011

Sunday Gossip!

Good morning, folks! I am still enjoying having electricity and have brewed an economy sized pot of coffee and toasted some bread.

Also, anybody interested in doing a Bolly-blog meet up Saturday Feb 12th in London, do get in touch!

Now, I posted the Filmfare winners yesterday and can I just say... KARAN JOHAR FOR BEST DIRECTOR?! ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!

With that out of the way... gossip!

* Different industry folk give their
prescription for reinvigorating Bollywood.

Give directors credit:

Someone has to be there to ask hard questions, someone who knows that you can’t tell a 5-minute story for two-and-a-half hours. Audiences do ask: Is this a new story? That answer is absolutely in the hands of the director. We’re now realizing that directors matter. Stars sell seats, but the directors keep people in them. If
3 Idiots wasn’t a good script, Aamir (Khan) wouldn’t have held the audience. They came for Aamir, they stayed for (director) Raju Hirani.

* Read a great article on the life of a
junior artiste!

The 2,000-plus members of JAA enjoy privileges such as assured work, preference over background models and no fixed retirement date. When they retire, they can transfer their membership to family members. Sitaram Devji Kadam has been part of the film industry since 1974. And though most of his income comes from assisting Lekraj in managing actors, the 57-year-old has not given up his JAA card yet “because you never know when it comes in handy”.

* Are we entering a new era of
Marathi films?

Ravi Jadhav's Natarang skilfully reinvents the ingredients of the Tamasha genre that had touched the nadir over the years. Atul Kulkarni plays a peasant who is a passionate devotee of folk theatre, dreams of forming his own troupe and writing his own plays where he would play the king. His search leads him to a dilemma: he has to recast himself as the effete nachya, adopting feminine wiles and emasculating his muscular masculinity. The emotional and social price he pays for his commitment is a saga of tragedy and triumph. Atul Kulkarni, one of the best actors of his generation, is vibrant, poignant and intense in the role of a lifetime.

* There is a new book coming out on

* Somebody was killed over an argument over
Sheila Ki Jaawani.

* Anushka Sharma was initially
scared of Rishi Kapoor.

"His (Rishi's) demeanor was such that he was very intimidating. But I realised that actually he is a very cool person. He cracks lots of jokes and used to keep pulling my leg all the time," Anushka told IANS in an interview.

"Later on, the ice was broken, but initially I was very scared because he comes across as a very strict person," she added.

* And read a nice piece about
her BBB character.

The Kakkarness that Band Baaja Baaraat’s Shruti exhibits is exactly what makes her so endearing, and one of the most alive young women in recent Hindi cinema. Kakkar’s college kid uniform is kurta-jeans-jhola-scarf, assembled more for function and casual comfort rather than scoring fashion points. She may well be brand-aware but has neither the time nor inclination to acquire a fake ElVee bag or accent: what she really, really wants is to start something of her own, make something of herself.

Burn on that accent line... referring to a certain Piggy Chops perhaps?

* Read a nice
interview with Shaan:

A person who shakes a leg to "Zor ka jhatka" at a disc doesn't care about its picturization in the film. He enjoys and downloads it because of the merit of the song. But producers don't want to part with the revenue that they earn from this. Composers and lyricists have to make do with pittance. I don't blame composers who are not natural performers but are now taking to doing stage shows because they need to earn money. Yahan par loot maar chal raha hai.

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