Sunday, January 9, 2011

Sunday Gossip!

Good morning! How is everybody? It's a beautiful morning here in Washington, DC and I'm hoping it stays this way so I can go to see No One Killed Jessica this afternoon.

NOW! There isn't much in gossip today, which is probably why there is so much breathless coverage of Imran Khan's wedding. I wish him all the best but I don't feel the need to follow every detail.

* Another story I've been ignoring because it's not that interesting is
Kareena Kapoor's promotions of her trainer's new fitness book. While I think health is extremely important, this global cultural focus on weight loss is upsetting to me. Obviously if one is clinically obese, then weight loss is necessary for health but for other people, it's actually healthier to maintain a single weight than to yo-yo back forth on diets.

* Read about the premise behind everybody's favorite movie to be annoyed at...
Turning 30!

Then, of course, there is Bollywood — where, once upon a time, being over 30 meant one’s career was as good as over. Not the case in Hollywood, clearly. (And certainly not the case in present-day Bollywood, with many 30-plus actresses going great guns.) That doesn’t take away from the reality that most 40-plus actors only want to romance 20-something women on screen. One can’t argue with that. Because one sees a lot of that in real life too.

Reel life is often just a reflection of real life. If every 40-plus man fancies a 20-something hot girl, and every 30-plus guy also wants a 20-something girl, and every 20-something guy also wants a 20-something girl, it’s not a surprise then that every single girl in the city moans, “Where are the men?”

* Hrithik Roshan is taking his box office flops in stride.

"I got teary-eyed hugs in silence from strangers that said beautiful things. I have never had this experience in my 10 years of cinema. I would be ashamed to complain that the film didn't do well. Sometimes art has to exist without profit and loss. I agree, there has to be certain economics to filmmaking, and there's no reason to take this experience and treat it as a failure; because Guzaarish added to people's lives, it changed my life, I have never felt so deeply about any of my previous works."

Before I got to interview Hrithik, I used to roll my eyes at quotes like this but do you know what? I believe he actually means it when he says things like this and I really appreciate his earnestness. Also, I thought his performance in
Guzaarish was magnificent.

* Priyanka's role in
Satt Khoon Maaf was originally written for Hrithik Roshan. A male lead would have added a nice Bluebeard element to the film and I would have loved to see Hrithik opposite 7 different ladies... ah, well. Add it to the list of imaginary movies.

* Who would have thought! Chinese people aren't
impressed with stereotypes of East Asians in Bollywood.

“Come here, chilli chicken,” a character in the movie calls out to the tourist, referring to an iconic Indian-Chinese dish popular in India. Come see where there are true-blue poor hungry folks, he says, luring his hapless prey into an ambulance while preparing a six-foot-long body bag.

It is of course just a scene in a movie, but that snippet from the Bollywood comedy
Munnabhai MBBS sums up India's attitude towards China.

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