Monday, January 24, 2011

Monday Gossip!

Hello, hello - it's another week! I hope everybody had a nice weekend and that your Monday is amazing!

Now, let's see what the gossip press has for us today!

* Everybody loves a good prostitution scandal and the arrest of Sandalwood actress
Yamuna has revealed one.

According to sources, after arresting actress Yamuna, CEO Nandakumar and Surakshith, the Bangalore police have interrogated the pimp, who has given some important clues about nationwide sex racket. He is said to have given information about the large network of prostitution across the country, which has been running for years. Meanwhile, he is also have revealed names of several South Indian actress including a few popular Bollywood actress, who are involved in the flesh trade.

This is pretty much an open secret, though, right? Just like we all know why Karan Johar isn't married, we all know there are a few girls involved in the... paid dating business.

* Money, money, money...
this juicy break-down of SRK's Dhaka performance is definitely worth reading.

According to sources, Shah Rukh Khan takes US$ 500,000 only for his appearance in any show in the world, which is excluding of air fare as well as accommodation and other expenses to be borne by the organizers. Because of special persuasion and lobbying of family friend of Shah Rukh Khan, he agreed to accept the Dhaka show for US$ 400,000, while Rani Mukherji received US$ 100,000, Eisha Kopikar US$ 30,000, Arjun Rampal US$ 30,000 and Shefali Jariwala US$ 15,000. In this case, the total amount paid to the artistes from India is US$ 575,000. In addition, US$ 120,000 was paid to Jet Airways for chartering a round-trip flight. So the total amount trafficked outside Bangladesh through unofficial channel was exceeding US$ 650,000.

And the reported amount paid to SRK was US$72,000.

* There is
bad blood on both sides of the IIFA-Bachchan split.

Explains Sabbas Joseph of Wizcraft, "Every time a member of one family won an award or presented an event, there would be a hue and cry about one family monopolizing IIFA. This was so unfair. How many awards did Mr. Bachchan and his family win in the ten years of IIFA's existence? He got one for Black which he collected and another for Paa (in Sri Lanka) which he did not attend."

* Priyanka Chopra and Katrina Kaid have had their homes raided by the
tax department. Nobody is charging them with anything yet but the Tax Department is checking bank statements, etc against declared income.

* OMG!!!! If this is true, I will be a very happy girl - Akshay is rumored to be cast in the
Seeta aur Geeta remake!

Some people are speculating that Anushka Sharma thinks she is too important in B-town to promote Patiala House - which is why we haven't seen her. Also, Badmaash Company seems to have disappeared from her resume... hmm...

* And Hard Kaur discusses her
connections with the story of Patiala House.

"I play Akshay Kumar's sister in the film. And I am very proud that for my first film, I represent the community that I belong to. It has been emotional for me. I connected to the script very well. Back when I was young, our parents used to scold and Dadi (grandmother) used to scold and say girls don't dance..."

* Bollywood is
having a great January!

* Arshad Warsi wants to take a break
from comedy.

* Akshay Kumar is back hosting
Khatron Ke Khiladi - because Piggy's booty shorts were no substitute for Akki's stunt prowess!

* Rumors from Kashyap-town have it that the Danny Boyle co-production
Bombay Velvet is going to be set in the 1960s and feature some authentic set design.

* Be honest, we all wanted this:


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