Monday, January 3, 2011

Monday Gossip!

Good morning! I hope everybody is well and has recovered from New Year's Eve... And thank you for all your sympathy over my little Phoebe. She was a good little dog and I will miss her.

Now, I still have some 2010 wrap-up posts for you that I haven't gotten around to posting yet - real life interfered with my Internet life - but 2011 should be an interesting year, for sure!


Check out a video from one of my favorite girls from my most anticipated film of 2011... Hard Kaur and

* Is
Ra.1 copying Endhiran?

* Rohit Shetty wants to sign
Rajinikanth for a Hindi film... because Bollywood has mostly forgotten how to make big heroes, even if audiences still want them.

* The director of
Run Milkha Run learned some good lessons from 2010.

“We’re cutting down production costs for the bio-pic by almost half by simply doing away with expenditure that was so far considered compulsory but is actually quite expendable. If you look at the big films that failed in 2010 they did not fail. Their budgets failed them."

Also, the real life Milkha wanted Akshay Kumar to play him...

* Prateik Babbar's character in
Dhobi Ghat is a Salman Khan fan!

* Hot Uncle Suniel Shetty is returning to his roots with
a new action movie.

"There have been highs and lows but the day I get out of the industry, I just want people to say, 'he was a nice guy... he was a good actor and a good human being'. That's why I also make a conscious effort to make sure that I don't hurt anybody."

* Priyamani is
doing well despite the strike.

"I was to start work on a Telugu film, Kshetram, which is a heroine-centric film, in December. But there's an ongoing indefinite strike in Tollywood, so I'm not sure when that will happen. But that's worked out well for me, I can devote more time to my brother's wedding preparations."

* We'll get to see a plumper Kangana in
Tanu Weds Manu - she put on the extra pounds when she broke her leg and the director thought it suited her character, a normal girl.

* Pritam is getting hassled for remaking the song
Dum Maro Dum.

* Very unfounded rumor but would be cool -
Aamir Khan remaking Magadheera!

* Javed Akhtar
explains himself.

“The stand of the producers is based on ignorance. The royalty to lyricists and composers have nothing to do with the profit or loss of the film. It has to do with other sources like ring-tones, radio, downloads etc. It is a royalty that any creator owns. But when a composer or lyricist is signed for a film, they are asked to sign off this royalty. The government’s amendments to the copyright act merely stated that this right of the composers and lyricist is respected. Producers need to educate themselves on this.”

* Ajith is not endearing himself to
his fan club - choosing car racing over meeting his fan club.

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