Friday, January 21, 2011

Friday Gossip!

Helloooooooo! Guess who is going to IIFA? *spoiler alert* It's me! Lucky for me, although I was too slow on the draw, Shellie was able to get through the ticketing system.

Some longer reads today - have an article on
Superstar Rajinikanth!

What explains his longevity? Or the hysteria he still whips up? And more curiously, what explains the national media's inquisition into the Rajini phenomenon each time he has a film ready for release? The latter is the most interesting development in the far-reaching and fabulous career of the former bus conductor known as Shivaji Rao Gaekwad. That Rajinikanth has long been the cynosure of Tamil eyes needs no recounting – a star of supreme stature in the Tamil-speaking pockets of the universe. But now, his films are dubbed in Hindi and national publications are deluged with editorials trying to make sense of the Rajini phenomenon, if only to convince themselves that the colonisation of a national mind space by a southern star cannot occur without a semblance of logical reason.

More reviews for
Dhobi Ghat from the Western media...

San Francisco Gate aims at the middle-brow crowd and says:

First-time director Kiran Rao (who is married to Khan) skillfully delineates how the relationships play out, with special focus on the possible romance between the photographer and the laundry boy, and in doing so gives us a telling portrayal of the city.

Rao avoids high drama, and while there is humor, the film's tone is one of melancholy. The filmmaker certainly harbors no illusions about the visual media that play such a key role - they are more about alienation and isolation than artistic fulfillment.

And this one from
Cinespect for the artsy crowd is more critical but also more thoughtful.

The film itself is a limp fusion of art-house stylistics and some of the plotting of popular entertainment when it would have been wise to keep the popular influences even more on the periphery since it obviously aspires to critical lauding rather than major box office (not having singing and dancing and a running time of under 3 hours pretty much kills those chances), though Kiran Rao was perhaps hesitant to entirely leave out the demographic that regularly consumes the (popular) films of Mr. Khan. Instead of characters we get types; the most fully fleshed out character is the girl in the videotapes Mr. Khan finds. The stories are too cliché and meandering at the same time. The film is best appreciated if Mumbai is designated the lead character.

And finally from
NPR is a review with a nasty tone of condescension.

Dhobi Ghat is never less than equal parts heart and schmaltz — noble underclass heroes abound — but it closes with an intriguing ambiguity. Rather than rounding up Mumbai's rich and poor and in-between into a Slumdog dance of Bolly goodwill, Dhobi Ghat injects a well-placed note of doubt about the end of caste rigidity in the New India. Either Rao has a realist streak, or a Brahmin investor put his foot down.

SIGH. So, either there was no other way for Ms. Ella Taylor to express her views on the film except using hurtful cultural stereotypes or she was lazy and has two points of reference for Indian culture - Apu from the Simpsons and
Slumdog Millionaire.

Anyways, GOSSIP!

Shahid Kapoor has a ridiculously endearing daddy complex... whether it will lead to a good film in Mausam is another story.

"Initially, I used to get jitters in his presence but now I have become used to it and have learnt how to overcome my nervousness. After spending so much time with him, I have become more thick-skinned," Shahid said.

"It is not very easy to satisfy my dad. Till the time I don't get thumbs up from his end, the re-takes don't stop. But the process has made me learn a lot. My casual attitude to let go has been rectified by dad. He is the finest actor, not because he is my dad but because of the experience and talent he has," the actor said.

* Why not get a headache from attempting to read a
chat transcript between Rani Mukerji and the public?

hi rani!! wen r u goin 2 get married?

Not as of now but when I do will keep u posted...

* Is John Abraham doing a cameo in
Mere Brother Ki Dulhan?

And it looks like he is doing a film with
the son of astronaut Rakesh Sharma - which is exactly how all the gossip sites are putting it.

* Shahrukh Khan is
sarcastic about allegations that Ra.1 is a copy of Endhiran.

* Aish and Abhi might attend IIFA
"if they have time."

* Rohit Shetty is remaking
Angoor with SRK and Bebo... and Tusshar.



Anita said...

I demand an epic meetup. DEMAND!! ;)

Doonboy said...

Good for you. I will wait outside the Rogers Center hoping to snag a ticket.

Shell said...

I know I've already said it, but I will say it again... WOO HOO!!! Can not wait for June!

Anita - I agree...meetup will definitely be epic regardless of who attends (I can't imagine we will see any of the Bachchan clan there!)

Also, I am going to have to get my hands on a copy of that Filmfare. Ranveer Singh is such a cutie! Excuse me now whilst I go pout over the fact that I STILL haven't seen BBB.

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