Friday, January 14, 2011

Friday Gossip!

I have one word for you this morning: FORCE


Now, I can only hope that the gun signals that John Abraham
will be dishooming rowdies with those muscles instead of just using them to pose.


* The Twitter Film Awards are
still making news!

With the intent of saving the unassuming audience from being made to believe that films like Tees Maar Khan and directors like Sajid Khan are the best Bollywood has, Taneja began ranting on Twitter, never having expected it to snowball into this full-fledged revolution, that has the potential to turn into an actual event. “Some people have showed an interest in backing the event in a big way and we are figuring things out,” says Taneja, when asked whether an actual award function is expected.

My first order of business on the Twitter Film Awards jury will be to NOMINATE ARSHAD WARSI! And secondly, is to insist that we stop bashing
TMK - nobody is insisting that it is the best of Bollywood, that's what everybody is saying about My Name Is Khan and Udaan. Two films I am positive do not represent the best of Bollywood.

* Audiences were extremely upset with the Bollywood concert featuring Shahrukh Khan in
Durban and are claiming it was just a political platform.

* And then take a peek inside SRK's
no longer tax-free villa!

* British group Prodigy - whose heyday was so long ago that I didn't know they were still together and who have been shortlisted for
Ra.1 - talks Bollywood.

* Emraan Hashmi talks
awards shows.

“If you see any award ceremony, they are pleasing everyone. There are three categories for every actor... it's ridiculous... and three awards given to music. I really don't want to be part of the circus. The whole industry goes and claps for it but I don't want to be part of it.”

Sounds like strong words from somebody who never wins any awards.

* Dharmendra is writing his
autobiography. I doubt it will be as hilariously self-involved as Dev Anand's was but he can try.

* Sonam Kapoor is
not happy with the filming of Mausam.

* Is Deepika
out of Heer-Ranjha?

* Is Amitabh doing a remake of Belgian film
Everybody is Famous?

* Is Laksmi Manchu
in the running for Krrish 3?

* Check out the new
Cricket World Cup theme!

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yip said...

Is that FORCE film another superhero flick - judging by the fuzzy stuff around his hands..? Indian film seems to have caught the Superhero bug...

I just hope that gun doesn't go off...

'Till Love Found Him...


That makes no sense :)

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