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I have a real treat for you today... Vijaysree Venkatraman over at the
Boston Globe has some important information about Bollywood:

Dishoom, which opened last summer and calls itself “A Bombay Cafe in London,’’ takes its name from the Indian comic book equivalent of “Pow!’’ and “Wham!’’ In some Bollywood films, “dishoom’’ is said out loud in fight scenes when someone throws a punch. Mumbai, once called Bombay, is the home of studios where these films are made.

Does anybody spot the problem here?

And lest you think it was just a slip of the pen, here it is again:

Taking this quaint retro-cafe to its original home may be a tricky business venture. But the concept can work in any cosmopolitan city. Think of all the people who could go around saying, “Dishoom!’’

Um... really? I've seen hundreds of popular Indian films and have yet to see a single person actually saying, "dishoom."

Feel free to go leave him a comment about how ridiculous an idea that is. I already did.


* Happy birthday to that old dog
RAJESH KHANNA! Enjoy this collection of random factiods sourced from "Internet." (It's right there at the bottom - "Source: Internet.")

Rajesh Khanna was once accused of lewd conduct on the sets of Anokha Rishta. The young lady, who raised a hue and cry, was Sabeeha, daughter of yesteryear superstar Ameeta. Eventually nothing came out of the allegations and all was forgotten.

* Sanjay Dutt is having
property seized for failure to pay back an advance on a film he never finished shooting... in 2003. Sanjay is both denying that he kept the money and is saying that Noorani the producer had the underworld make extortion calls.

If there was anybody good for a slow news day, Sanjay Dutt is him.

* Read an interview with
Amit Trivedi!

It's sad that very few people in our country know what the difference between a score and soundtrack is. Raj Kumar Gupta wanted to kick start No One Killed Jessica with a bang and 'Dilli Dilli' was his idea. He wanted to incorporate heavy metal and told me, "Yaar, ek Delhi pe gaana kar ke de mujhe". I did it in my own way and used heavy metal and the rest is in front of you.

Bro, there are plenty of people in the USA who don't know that difference, either.

* And with
Vidya Balan:

Sabyasachi went with Rani Mukherjee to London to shop for her clothes for No one Killed Jessica. He is such a designer that he doesn't see films as a showcase for his clothes. Sabyasachi clothes characters. What took me by surprise is the fact that he came from London and said, "I got your clothes too". So when I asked him why he didn't take me along with him to London, he said, "I wanted clothes which were larger and not your size". He gave me tees that were over sized and completely asexual. He told me, "From the sexually aggressive Krishna in Ishqiya, comes an asexual lady who ain't pretty". That was how real Sabyasachi wanted me to be in the film.

* Anushka Sharma isn't above some
petty sniping in the press.

Sharma added that she thinks the other leading ladies are less famous for their films than they are for their off-screen activities. "I am glad that I am known for my talent and not for my clothes or controversies."

Just keep plugging away at it and soon you, too, can be famous for making snarky comments about other actors and actresses in the press.

* Is Shahrukh going to be in
Krrish 2? Apparently, he's agreed if the film releases after Ra.1.

* Shahrukh may not like Farah Khan anymore but at least he gave a thumbs up to my favorite...
Javed Jaffrey!

* Anil Kapoor is putting floptastic
Aisha and No Problem behind him.

And speaking of
Aisha, I seem to recall that the same Anil Kapoor who was like, "Kids will be kids" when it was Sonam trashing Ranbir, was a lot less understanding when it was Abhay Deol saying that doing Aisha was a waste of time...

Anil is one of the few actors that I like less the more I hear from him. I should probably stop reading his interviews and just appreciate his amazing performances.

Oh, no! I had already found this one for you where
Anil Kapoor refutes Anees Bazmee's very honest statement about how No Problem was kind of terrible.

And in a rare event, Bazmi was even quoted in a leading tabloid saying: “People are now saying No Problem ‘mein problem hai’. I knew it even while shooting. The disappointing collections come as no surprise to me.”

But actor Anil Kapoor defends him. “That statement is very unlike Anees and that is not what he meant,” says Kapoor.

Really? Because it made me respect Anees Bazmi a lot more for being honest.

* Neil Nitin Mukesh's
Tera Kya Hoga Johnny is being delayed again... one might suspect that the industry is waking up to a fact that some of us have known for a while: Neil is just not that great an actor.

This gives me hope that we'll be seeing Imran Khan make his exit stage left in the near future, too. (And hopefully the Hollywood-style rom-com genre with him.)

* Akshay Kumar talks
Tees Maar Khan!

In the film, you come together with Katrina as a couple more than two years after Singh Is Kinng. What was that reunion like?

Beloved Kat is like a colourful stain on my shirt, bright and very loud but I'd miss her if she wasn't there. She knows I think the world of her, and I am proud to say as a producer and co-star that this movie couldn't have been complete without her, she just grows with every opportunity she's given. She's always been great to share a screen with, she annoys the hell out of me but I wouldn't want it any other way, I always look forward to our yearly movie together.

And behind the scenes of
No One Killed Jessica!

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