Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Wednesday Gossip!

Hello! Hello! It's Wednesday and so cold here in Washington, DC! No snow yet, though, so keep your fingers crossed for us.

I hope you enjoyed my favorite dances of 2010 and I will have more lists coming through the end of the year - although certain ones may need to wait until after
Tees Maar Khan (i.e. favorite films).

Time for gossip!

* Wikileaks revealed
Bollywood was tapped in the war against terror.

* My favorite kind of story - Sunny Deol allegedly asked his make up man to bring
live ammunition to him in New York. The man was caught at the airport. Obviously.

* In a scripting decision that reveals everything I hate about Bollywood these days, Priyanka Chopra's character in the
Agneepath remake is being changed from a nurse to a prostitute.

REALLY? Because prostitutes are so glamorous or because people won't connect to the character of a nurse? Somehow, I suspect that we will be seeing the
Pretty Woman version of what prostitution is like and use the idea of sex work as an excuse to dress Priyanka in booty shorts and bikini tops.

* Akshay Kumar reveals the tension between
commercial and art.

"Masala movies are awesome to do but sometimes one wants to break boundaries, create epics and perform challenging roles. But then India's masses are not really interested in those kind of films. Life is stressful enough that they just want to be happily entertained and really, I can't blame them. Tees Maar Khan stands for the masses and pleasing them is all that I ever want to do."

I think that maybe that is somewhat more true for Bollywood than in South Indian films. Something like
Endhiran is classic masala but a lot more complex than what passes for masala in Mumbai these days - i.e. Singh is Kingg.

I just wish more people would follow Milan Luthria and make serious films that are entertaining...

* Asha Bhosle says
Aishwarya and Urmila have done justice to her songs.

Having sung for almost every face in the industry, Asha maintains that the old time Bollywood actors were the best to work with as they preferred to be around while she herself would be recording the songs in the studio. “It helped them absorb the element better,” she explains.

“Helen used to call me just a little before the recordings and ask me to sing the song keeping her in mind,” she fondly recalls. “Even Madhubala used to sit beside me while I recorded in the studio.”

* Shreyas Talpade is turning
producer. (And you can see him next in Mirch.)

* Abhishek and Ajay are going to team up for Rohit Shetty's
Bol Bachchan. Sigh. This has the potential to be the most wooden jodi ever.

* Jaya Bachchan is rumored to have forbidden Amitabh from working with
Mallika Sherawat... for some reason.

* Mithun Chakraborty and Michael Caine for
Indian Autumn!

* Enjoy an interview with
Farah Khan!

And Akshay has done a lot of comedy films...

This is very different from all the funny films that he has done before. Because you have to control him and say, 'don't do comedy'. It happens around him and the dialogues are very funny. I didn't want him to do buffoonery, slapstick or like 'main comedy kar raha hoon.' I wanted him to look like a hero, and have him do humour. He's very good at straight-faced humour and his comic timing is superb.

* The director of
Turning 30 says it is about just regular women, unlike say Priyanka's prostitute in Agneepath.

I can't wait for
Tees Maar Khan!!!

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