Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Tuesday Gossip!

Hello, world! I've been a busy little bee gathering up my BEST OF 2010 lists and you'll be seeing the rest of them trickle out over the next week or so. I was waiting for TMK to release before I committed to any favorite films, actors, etc. and I'm glad I did.

I did a podcast episode on the reaction to
TMK with my friends Asim from Upodcast and Beth from Beth Loves Bollywood about the ridiculous negative reactions to the film.

An example? How about
people complaining that it's worse that RGV Ki Aag?

Or how about this
positive review from Behindwoods.com that is paired with a two-star rating.

Something is very odd in the media...

But let's see non-TMK gossip!

* Rani Mukerji is
fantastic. She just is.

"Strength lies in mothers who up bring their children. Strength in a woman is inborn. Strength isn't about people who are famous or people who we know are powerful. Our mothers are very powerful. They have fought through nine months and that is the biggest battle a woman ever faces in her life. Some women have the courage to show it, some people have inner strength the way they conduct their lives, some show it through their pen as journalists, some show with their political lives they live like Indira Gandhi and Sonia Gandhi but even the simple middle class house wife and the woman who do a nine to six job are as powerful as the others I mentioned."

* Enjoy the
scandals of the year.

* And Adnan Sami is embroiled in a another scandal. What else is new, right? Well, this time - it's

* Even better is a list of
slip of the tongue moments...

[Abhishek Bachchan] claimed that he jumped off the cliff for a stunt in Mani Ratnam’s film, Raavan. “I told Mani that if the local boys could do it, so could I, only if there was a professional diver to train me. The only thought in my mind was ‘Oh, my god, I am going to die,” he said. Later, M Balram, a national-level swimmer, said, “I had done the stunt.”

* Checking in with
Kalki Koechlin, who seems to have solidified her status as a hot new name in Bollywood.

[S]he’s also learning to cope with, apart from dealing with the star treatment that comes with doing a mainstream film. “But these perks don’t appeal to me,” she says candidly. “I enjoy the different formats of storytelling, that’s all. Be it theatre or offbeat cinema or a masala movie, each have different sensibilities, a different way of bringing alive characters and that process is artistically and creatively stimulating."

* Dharmendra and Hema are doing everything within their power to ensure that
Esha Deol makes a comeback. If nepotism alone could guarantee Esha a career, she'd be a superstar.

* Akshay Kumar's role in the much anticipated (by me)
Patiala House was inspired by Sikh cricketer Monty Panesar, who played for England.

* Rapper Bohemia wants to work with
Akshay Kumar again.

"Rap is a cool quotient for kids. I do not find any difference between Indian kids and those from other countries. Kids in Europe and America are also doing the same thing. It took about 25 to 30 years for rap music to develop in America. In India, you just wait for another five years."

* Arjun Rampal has been replaced with...
Rahul Khanna for Housefull 2, which means that Sajid Khan just ensured that Beth will have to see it despite her review of the first one.

Read a humorous account of a newbie director being faced with Anupam Kher declaring - 15 minutes before shooting began - that he wanted his character to be blind.

The story goes that Joshi, new to the star system in Bollywood, thought Anupam was upset and was expressing his grievance in this way. But apparently Anupam not only insisted on his character going blind just minutes before the first shot, he refused to shoot until the change was made.

* Anushka Shetty turns down the lead in the
Bollywood Singam remake.

* Funny how
Passion for Cinema don't mind if Vishal Bhardwaj copies a Russian song...

* Ajay Devgn was the
top earner in Bollywood this year... not counting Toonpur Ka Superhero, which just seemed like an ill-fated project from the beginning. We all remember what happened to Roadside Romeo, right?

(Kat was the top earning lady.)

* Shahid Kapoor is being set up with Charlie Chaplin's
granddaughter. Shahid is doing a chaplin-esqe role, apparently. And actually, I suspect Shahid could do a pretty good silent film Chaplin, if he had a good director.

* And this is disappointing, Rishi Kapoor is back in
Agneepath... probably. Any mention of this film just sets my blood boiling. I mean, I'm pretty forgiving of the gender math of Bollywood filmmaking. I'm usually happy if the female lead isn't a doormat and hasn't been forced to starve herself down to a size zero but turning a nurse to a prostitute for GLAMOR reasons just goes beyond the pale.

I am disappoint, K.Jo.

* Katrina's new film, on the other hand,
sounds fantastic - in Prakash Jha's Satsang, she plays a woman from the West who comes to India to 'find herself' but finds the global religion factory instead.


redsarah said...

Monty still plays for England - he's part of the Ashes squad playing in Australia at the moment. Patiala House should open well here 'cos we love Monty.

eliza bennet said...

Ok now I have to defend Abhishek again! He had performed the dive and it was filmed but in the end Mani Ratnam chose to put the stuntman's dive in the film. So both men speak the truth.

Note from Filmi Girl:

I love Bollywood - and all the ridiculous things that happen in Bollywood - but it doesn't mean that I can't occasionally make fun of various celebrities and films.

If you don't like my sense of humor, please just move on by - Trolls are not appreciated and nasty comments will be deleted.

xoxo Filmi Girl
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