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Thursday Gossip!

Happy New Year's Eve Eve!

First - A MUST READ!
Words of advice for Pakistani filmmakers that Indian filmmakers should probably check out, too.

But if we are to focus on the cinema as an industry, and to concern ourselves with how to make profitable films, the first thing we have to see is which films make money. A cursory glance at almost every major cinema industry all over the world would show that both the bread and butter films, and those that form the majority of the hits, are of the formulaic, predictable, cliched variety that the critics claim are the reason why our cinema has reached a nadir. In contrast, most of the critical, artistic films rarely make any money, and rarer still are films which are both commercially and critically successful. The cinema as an industry thrives on lots of simplistic, formulaic, and ultimately escapist films in most places around the world. So why do our authors and critics continue to write about how about making films which are simultaneously are artistic and financial blockbusters when it is patently clear that it is extremely difficult to have your cake and eat it too?

The confusion that arises is because our writers forget, or are perhaps not aware, of the subtle difference between a cinema industry, and a cinematic tradition. The former is the concern for producers, loan managers, production companies, media corporations, in essence, suits. The latter is what filmmakers need to worry about and think of.

And then please go and check out the latest episode of
UPodcast in which we discuss the negative reaction to Tees Maar Khan. I suspect that very confusion between cinema industry and cinematic tradition plays right into it.

And to those who continue to say it was the worst film of the year... I have two words for you that I will continue to repeat: Pyaar. Impossible.

Now! On to less controversial subjects!

* Like a producer's strike... well, maybe not less controversial but the strike is
postponed for the moment.

* China is funding a
Bollywood film and the producers seem to have settled on Shahid Kapoor and Sonam Kapoor for some reason... low expectations, maybe?

* Dharmendra will never
get old.

"There is a saying horses and men never grow old and I'm one of those men who was tagged as the 'He Man'. So can a 'He Man' afford to become old? This tag keeps me young at heart and I don't let age overpower me."

* Sadly, Shashi and Shammi Kapoor aren't feeling as youthful - the two are in
hospital. Amitabh stopped by for a visit.

* The Big B is also lending his voice to an
opening narration for Dhobi Ghat. Can I just say that I'm really tired of hearing about this film? I'm sure it's going to be great but much like Peepli Live, these small films don't really benefit from constant promotions. They aren't strong enough to stand up to the modern media machine - not like a film like Dabangg, which is built for it.

* 40-something
Shahrukh Khan feels that only a fresh face can play opposite him in Two States, a film I'm going to assume is about a daddy and his daughter who live in two parts of the country.

* Good news for Ajay Devgan, who snatched a part from Abhishek Bachchan in
Neeraj Pandey's next film.

* AR Rahman is taking a
sabbatical from Bollywood for the moment.

* Sonu Sood loves
Sandalwood! (And I love Sonu Sood for his willingness to go where the roles are!)

* Ram Gopal Varma probably isn't loving the South these days - he's experiencing
release date problems.

* I've pretty much already decided that what Ekta Kapoor produces, I'm going to see. Her latest is being done on a
quickie schedule.

Was it easy to wrap up so fast because of no stars involved?

"You can say that. We took a decision of taking a new guy and a new girl because we wanted to make the film in a very raw manner. We wanted the couple to look as real as possible, I mean the kind of conversation they have in their bedroom. Imagine
Paranormal Activity having Kate Winslet. It would have never worked." Ekta adds.

* And we'll end with a classic Bollywood backstage story - The Case of the
Mystery Choreography.

The poor earlier choreographer was bowled over by seeing the new transformed performances which were outstanding. He definitely was left wondering what went wrong.

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Bluemay said...

AB is lending his voice to Aamir's production "Delhi Belly" not "Dhobi Ghat". It just shows how much you really want to see "Dhobi Ghat" have it on the brain! :)

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