Thursday, December 16, 2010

Thursday Gossip!

Good morning, all! It is another chilly day here in Washington, DC... eating lots of chocolate to warm up is a valid reaction to the weather, right? I bought a jar of Nutella last night and I have to say that Nutella on toast is the best way to start a winter morning.

Now, what is happening in warm and sunny Bollywood?

* Nobody cares what is getting
released this weekend because we're all waiting for Tees Maar Khan.

* International films are making inroads in

Clubs like the Enlighten Film Society, which shows classics of world cinema every week at two Mumbai multiplexes, are being set up across the country.

"Enlighten . . . wants to break the myth that artistic films are boring in nature," the group, which was set up by a number of Bollywood directors, says on its web-site (

* Will
Shorr appeal to the West?

The fact that we got Sendhil, an American actor to begin with, is also a step to reaching out to an audience outside of India, to a non-Indian audience, and giving them a glimpse of India," Nidimoru said. "So it is an international film, but it has enough Indian-ness in it to work and be authentic."

* Anushaka Sharma talks
Band Baaja Baaraat.

What Band Baaja Baaraat proves is the fact that the audience is respectful of cinema and they want to watch good films. The film breaks the myth that only superstars make good cinema. I feel that a good film will make stars. The script is the most important here and I have, from day one stressed that it is the script of the film that is the real hero and nothing else. The audience has really made my faith stronger.

Ready will be released in MAY 2011!

* Poor Akshay Kumar is being reminded that he's not a young man any longer - his
back problems are interrupting Tees Maar Khan promotions.

And he continued to be Filmi Girl's favorite hero by
rescuing a small girl from the crush of a crowd.


* Remember when the Western media got their panties in a twist over
My Friend Hitler? Apparently the film is still on, although Anupam Kher has (thankfully) dropped out. I don't think I could watch him be Hitler for 2 hours.

* Shahrukh Khan is performing at the
Zee Cine Awards!

* Katrina Kaif was the original choice for Rakhi Sawant's role in
Main Hoon Na.

* Ekta Kapoor's
Raginni MMS was too spicy for even Kangana Ranaut - they are looking for a new face for the film.

* Anu Malik will only write
an entire album. So don't even THINK about asking him for just one song.

* DJ Suketu will be working with

“Flo Rida is a great artiste. Though, I am not a DJ who plays a lot of hip-hop music, what I like about him is that of late, he and some other hip-hop artistes internationally, have started making their songs on 128 and 130 kbpms, which is normally used for house music.”

* It's okay for Vishal Bhardwaj to call a film
Kaminey but Rani Mukerji is not allowed to say it in No One Killed Jessica.

* Mallika Sherawat is going be a judge
Chak Dhoom Dhoom 2 with Javed Jaffrey!

* Shankar is trying to get
Surya for the 3 Idiots remake.

I wonder what is up with this project! Is the script bad or do people not want to be part of a multistarrer? I would think people would be falling over themselves to work with Shankar!!!! I would be!

What is it
Mahesh Babu?

* Aishwarya is not getting pregnant so
stop writing about it!

* Phas Gaye Re Obama is going to be
remade in Telugu! I'm dying to see this one.

Ajay Devgn is suing for unpaid fees from London Dreams.

* And are we too cool for
morally upstanding heroes?

The traditional “good guy” hero and “bad guy” villain is dead and gone, both in Bollywood and its baap, Hollywood. It is deemed boring, one-dimensional, corny and predictable by new-age audiences. It needs a spin — like Bunty or Chulbul Pandey — spice and juice to ignite the persona … and to hell with political correctness or morality as taught by our gyani elders.

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