Thursday, December 9, 2010

Thursday Gossip!

Good morning, all! Are you planning out which movies to see this weekend? Honestly, I'm leaning towards the new Narnia movie even though they changed the story from the book... and it's my FAVORITE of the series. I suppose the leisurely pace of the voyage of the Dawn Treader wouldn't have made for great movie watching...

Anyways, let's see what the gossip columns have in store for us today!

* Bollywood is on high alert after the
terror attacks in Varanasi.

* The success party for
No Problem has been announced... oh wait...

A source from the industry said, "Look at the audacity. The film has not hit the theatres yet. Not only has the film's 'success party' been planned; the invitations have been sent out as well. These invitations have been sent out to the top-notch people in the industry to ensure that they keep themselves free on December 12 evening."

* Shahrukh Khan is returning to TV to host
Wipeout and is filming a CM for a fairness cream with Rajkumar Hirani.

* Bebo is staying silent on the Rishi-Karan feud and is continuing with
Short Term Shaadi opposite Imran Khan. At this point, maybe we can take her silence as a show of support for Karan... I mean why else would she be doing an almost sure to be terrible film opposite Imran Khan?

* A warrant has been issued for
Sanjay Dutt after he didn't show up for court.

* Neil Nitin Mukesh likes to pretend that
commercial success doesn't matter that much.

* Which must be why Sanjay Leela Bhansali is doing his next with
Abhishek Bachchan.

* We might be seeing Indian films at the
Tribeca Film Festival in NYC.

Check out Kangana Ranaut with newcomer Chirag Paswan in One and Only.

* Catch up with the cast of
The Life of Pi.

* Read an interview with
Abhishek about KHJJS while trying to forget that the film was a flop and his performance was not really appreciated.

DP: Will people in England associate with this film?

AB: People in England will associate with this film because a lot of Indians are living there, a lot of them are second generation Indians too. Bangladeshis will identify with it too because Chittagong is a part of Bangladesh today. KHJJS isn't an Indian film, it is about the subcontinent. It is based in a time when there wasn't a division in our country. There wasn't a Pakistan or an East Pakistan. There wasn't a Bangladesh and there wasn't India too. It was a subcontinent. If the audiences in the West are traditional, it will cater to them and remind them of a time that a few of them might have lived through, and if not, it will tell them of what life used to be like back then.

Um... what?

Let's ask Balki, who directed
Paa. Oh wait... Balki walked out of a screening of the film saying it was 'terrible.'

And the
Mumbai Mirror gives an update on the Anurag Kashyap Facebook status dustup.

What is interesting in the entire episode is that though Kashyap’s comment was also directed against Ashutosh Gowarikar’s film, there has not been much reaction against Kashyap calling KHJJS a bad film. Perhaps Bollywood agrees.




YANA GUPTA... in leggings

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One of these days you're going to rename this blog "I Hate Abhishek Bachchan," aren't you? ;)

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