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Saturday Gossip!


Last night my sister and I celebrated with a double feature of
48 Hours and Tango & Cash - let me tell you... buddy cop movies are very satisfying to watch. Spoiler alert: Tango & Cash literally ends with Tango and Cash giving each other a high five and then FREEZE FRAME! Classic!

Okay - some recommended reading before we hit gossip!

Here is the review of
Band Baaja Baaraat that convinced me to give the movie a shot. I may be cynical about a lot of things but let nobody say that I'm not willing to give a Yash Raj Film about wedding planners a chance to win my heart!

And speaking of songs, you really have to give it to Salim-Sulaiman for making some really strong tunes (especially the instant earworm Ainvayi Ainvayi), and cinematographer Aseem Mishra, and editor Namrata Rao for bringing them to the big screen with all their energy intact. Mishra & Rao’s work in particular is novel for a Hindi movie, making extensive use of hand-held camerawork without ever employing style for style’s sake. There are none of the swishy jump cuts and split screens that have come to clutter many a modern romcom. However, when they needs to bring in big Bollywood glamour — such as in the song Dum Dum — they pull out all stops.

Could we be looking at the next
Jab We Met?

And then catch
V Love Movies tribute to Bollywood!

The natural reaction has been, on the part of the filmmakers, to go one of three ways. The first lot choose to stray away from the classic definition as much as possible. So we now have mainstream cinema and crossover cinema and experimental cinema, movies that have ditched songs and masala and even my beloved shenanigans (ironically, ending up being more like copies of Hollywood movies than stamped-and-sealed Bollywood movies ever were).

YES! THIS EXACTLY! This is the problem with films like
Break ke Baad that actually feel like weak knockoffs of Hollywood romantic comedies where a film like Partner that was inspired by the plot from Hitch felt like pure Bollywood.

And one from the opposite side of the spectrum - does patriotic sentiment outweigh the
quality of a film?

Films like Khelein... go beyond just fleeting gooseflesh patriotic moments in trying to evoke a certain value system, one that hits home so forcefully when the titles roll out and the film character's image is juxtaposed with the grainy, sepia tinted photograph of the real person.

So, just why is nobody watching it? Why has it all but moved out of the halls in its second week and why did it barely manage to make just Rs.10 crore against the Rs.45 crore spent on it (according to industry estimates)?

Anyways... GOSSIP!

* Ajay Devgn is out of Prakash Jha's

Now the makers are running to find a replacement but it’s extremely difficult to find someone who can match Ajay’s standards.

The makers approached John Abraham who reportedly asked for a 12 crore fee.

Obliviously no one got back.

HA HA HAAA! Oh, poor John... I still like you.

* Now we know where Sonam gets her foot-in-mouth syndrome.

One such instance was KJo’s chat with Anil Kapoor over the worst case of Botox the actor knows of. Kapoor’s prompt answer was Shilpa Shetty. The actor went on to describe how Shilpa did something to her nose and lips, while shooting for Badhai Ho Badhai and that this resulted in continuity problems, which in turn apparently ruined the entire shooting schedule.

I'm sure Shilpa was glad to see Anil Kapoor talking about her like this.

* New Zealand is getting pumped for
The North Pole Italian Players.

Wellington will be "playing itself" in the film, allowing the city to be showcased to a vast Indian audience. Two of Bollywood's biggest actors, Abhishek Bachchan and Sonam Kapoor, will star in the movie, which is expected to create massive interest in tourism to Wellington.

Um... has anybody told Wellington about the Bollywood publicity machine's propensity for extreme overstatement? Point 1 - Abhi and Sonam are hardly two of Bollywood's "biggest" actors and, point 2, even if
Players is a hit, there is absolutely no way in Hell that it will be a moment-defining SUPERHIT like DDLJ that increased tourism to Switzerland.

* Katrina Kaif drew inspiration from
Shakira for "Sheila Ki Jawaani."

* Konkona Sen Sharma talks about
infidelity and her latest film.

* The rumors are flying again that Rani Mukerji may soon be getting
engaged - to Aditya Chopra. Also, there was this gem:

One cannot forget that this Bollywood damsel was being considered to be a Bachchan bahu. It was earlier learnt that Amitabh wanted her as his daughter-in-law. However, Jaya Bachchan was strictly against the match. Her excuse was that Rani was too dominating to be her bahu.

* Alisha Chinai is pissed that Yash Raj wants
royalties for "Kajra Re".

"I was aghast when I learnt that YRF was acquiring a royalty on my song whenever I sang it abroad. A point was reached when the organizers of my shows abroad started telling me that I shouldn't sing Kajra Re since they have to shell out a big amount to YRF,” told Alisha in a recent interview.

* The latest seesaw in
3 Idiots is Vijay is still in.


It just doesn’t stop with donning the grease paint for Arya, he is foraying in to other aspects of film making, primarily production. On his own banner- The Show People, Arya launched a small budget film with newcomers even before he started working on Boss.

“My first film as a producer is
Padithurai, is now in post production stage. It has new faces Abhiram and Chandi, directed by Suka. This is a move to promote new talent and provide opportunities to the deserving artiste, coming from a non filmi background. It is like contributing back for the growth of Tamil cinema. It’s a great feeling to provide opportunities for hundred odd people as a producer!”

* Get a rundown of the
TOP FLOPS of 2010.

* Tees Maar Khan has censor board troubles.

Our source said, “Some of the members at the censor board were unreasonable and demanded some unjustified cuts from the film. In fact they even asked the word Sheila to be removed from the song Sheila ki Jawani. Some of the other cuts involved scenes where Katrina Kaif’s naval was visible."


Tees Maar Khan dialogue promo!

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