Monday, December 6, 2010

Monday Gossip!

Good morning!

It's Monday Gossip time! Unfortunately, I have a day-long training today (and I have to be at work at 7:30 am) so this is going to be short.

Obviously, the top story of the day is this...


* The Hindustan Times thinks
Bollywood is going retro to boost sales.

Issues like Islamist extremism, the life of call centre workers and rock bands, weakening relationships among city-dwellers and central characters with a disability or illness, have all been tackled.

But while some modern, real-life themes have worked, others have not, pushing movie-makers to return to tried and tested formulae.

In other words, it's "retro" to give people films that we want to see instead of films that the filmmakers want to make which is why filmmakers are borrowing from the past - that was stuff we liked.

Because nobody is going to see anything these days.

* Kalki Koechlin feels
like a star.

Kalki’s also aware that her phirang looks might limit her options here, but she’s unperturbed. “I may not fit the heroine mould, but I think that there’s no mould today anyways. It’s all about characters and not hero-heroines.”

Kalki’s also working on improving her Hindi further and is polishing her dancing skills too. “I’m learning to dance absolute Bollywood style. I figure that I might as well go the whole yard now that I’m doing full-on Bollywood films,” says Kalki, who’s also done her first item number in Happy Feet.

* Tabu doesn't care about
being a star.

“When I choose a role, I don’t think about it as doing justice to the awards that I’ve won or with an aim to win some more,” says Tabu, adding that her choice only depends on factors like the story and whether it reflects a certain sensibility that I can relate to not just as an actress, but as a cinema-lover as well.

* Sonakshi Sinha is going to wow us in
Joker and Kick.

* Aamir Khan is
losing weight and shaving his head for his next film.

* Abhishek and Aishwarya get an awards for
Raavan. Nobody explains why.

* Mani Ratnam is looking at Kerala for his
next film.

And coming soon to a theater near you.... (I wish!)


S said...

VIkram is on the Sexiest List! FINALLY! *squeals in fan-girliness*

bollywoodfoodclub said...

Wow, I've not seen Shaan! Must see!
All the best!

florence-craye said...

OMG Vikram yay! lol another fangirl here. XD wish I could get that people mag.

Amaluu said...

SHAAN is amazing ... jeete hai shaan se! :-)

And yay for VIKRAM being recognized!

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xoxo Filmi Girl
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