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Friday Gossip!

Snow, snow go away.
Come again some other day.

Yes, we have snow here in Washington, but not enough to stop the wheels of commerce! We'll all be going to work!

Okay, then let's hit gossip!

* UK Newspaper
The Guardian tells us that caste is going to be an important topic in Bollywood and uses a handful of movies from years ago as an example.

The brutal realities of caste, its violence and sustaining context of superstition, ignorance and social neurosis have rarely been addressed head-on. The 2006 Bollywood movie Omkara, again borrowing from Shakespeare, remade Othello in the frontier regions of northern India, with a lower-caste political gangster substituted for the Moorish general. The theme remains that of a powerful outsider, paranoid about his status and manipulated because of it, rather than the banal cruelties and thoughtless traditions that blight everyday life across India.

O RLY?! Thanks, British newspaper, for telling me about what is important in Bollywood and using a film from like 5 years ago to illustrate your point.

* The Dubai International Film Festival is in full swing and Karan Johar is there representing Bollywood.

Read a
write up of his panel.

There was a professor in the audience, from the Middle East, who wanted to know why Johar had to fall back on mood music to enrapture his viewers. She compared his movies with that of Moroccan director Nassim Abassi’s (who was in the audience) Majid, which also says a sad story sans any music, and yet succeeds in reducing viewers to tears.

Johar looked foxed for a moment, but then he quickly got his answer. “I am sorry but I do not have the confidence to make a film without background score. Every time, I did that, I went back to the editing room and added a whole lot of instrumental notes”, he admitted. “I love my songs, I love my dances, and I missed them when I did
My Name is Khan. That admission needed guts, and the man was willing to share with the audiences what his weak spots were.

another write-up from a non-Bollywood fan perspective:

"We're seriously looking at dubbing films here," said Khanna, the chairman of Reliance Entertainment, India's largest entertainment company that is in a joint venture with Hollywood's DreamWorks SKG to produce movies internationally.

"It's time to move on from subtitling to dubbing in Arabic. The local people have an interest in Indian films, we just need better marketing and more penetration."

* I posted the photos from Sonakshi Sinha's boring
Maxim photo spread a few days ago but I've been avoiding the bikini controversy. See, Sonakshi claims she never posed in a bikini and yet... there she is. The intrepid journalists of the gossip media have decided that the photo was morphed from a Dabangg still and Maxim confirms the cover is fake.

* Shahrukh Khan knows how to
give a pull quote.

"I am the badshah of bedroom. Now people may say I am being vulgar, but the kind of entertainment I provide to my viewers enjoying in their bedrooms - no one else can."

He's talking about hosting a game show on television.

And get some more dirt on
his Bangladeshi concert.

On spot investigation at Dhaka Regency Hotel, where the Russian girls of Shahrukh Khan Team were boarded since December 8, 2010, it was learnt that the event organizers as some of the team members of SRK were actively helping those Russian girls in getting into immoral activities, thus cashing huge amount of money. Such indecent activities of the entourage of Shahrukh Khan have greatly damaged the excellent image of Bollywood in Bangladesh.

There are also questions of how much and HOW he was paid for the show.

Also Shahrukh is
replacing Saif Ali Khan in the "Two States" adaptation.

* Kiran Rao had
difficulties with Aamir on the sets of Dhobi Ghat.

And her efforts are paying off if the
reaction of the international press is any indicator.

If you're looking for a sit-comish, but well-done interpretation of romantic triangles, particularly if you want to be convinced that the fatherly types win out over the bad-boys, go to How Do You Know. If you don't care for Hollywood treatments, seek out Dhobi Ghat, straight from India, done indie style that in no way reflects the influence of Bollywood-never mind that it takes place in Mumbai (Bombay). Music is sparingly used in the soundtrack, only when it benefits the drama, and the acting appears authentic even to the point that the film comes across almost as a documentary. It's difficult to believe that this is writer-director Kiran Rao's merely freshman effort in a feature film.

* Shankar is the CNN-IBN
Indian of the Year!

* Vidya Balan faints during promotions of
No One Killed Jessica. Poor thing!

* Anees Bazmee admits
No Problem was awful.

“People are now saying No Problem mein problem hai. I knew it even while shooting. The disappointing collections come as no surprise to me.”

* Kajol is taking a
three year break from films.

* Shilpa Shetty spills the dirt on
Anil Kapoor.

An actress friend of Shilpa Shetty is irritated at Anil Kapoor's caustic remarks about her lip job on Koffee With Karan. She says, "It was downright rude, especially coming from an actor who himself had fillers put in his cheeks.

I suspect it was a "friend" of Shilpa's named... Shilpa's secretary.

* And Hrithik is
beefing up for Agneepath. I still can't believe Priyanka Chopra is playing some sort of prostitute in this. UGH! KARAN JOHAR, I AM DISAPPOINT!


AND store opening!

Urmila in UNF-worthy shoes.

Raveena Tandon looking luscious!

And Gul Panang! I want her dress! Where did it come from?

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Bluemay said...

I can't believe people actually thought that was Sonakshi in the bikini picture. It's an obvious photoshop---the bikini girl's arms are emaciated and Sonakshi's are not.
I'm glad that Shilpa did not come out and deny Anil's comments. Her movies and pictures provide the evidence of nose job and lip enhancements she's had done. I don't know why celebrities try to deny any cosmetic work, including Anil, since we can find the evidence in their films.

What does UNF stand for? You're forewarned that really really cold weather is heading your way. It's single digits in Chicago Burrrr :)

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