Friday, December 10, 2010

Friday Gossip!

Good morning, all!

What is in store for us today?! Lots of juicy tidbits... and plenty of butthurt! Let's get started!

TOP STORY! An interview with
Bolly Bob Christo!

Making way to the country with the initial intention of meeting Parveen Babi, only to end up playing the villain in more than 200 movies, Bob, now settled in Bangalore is working on his autobiography, That’s my Life, which will be out next year."


* The
Hangover remake is happening - according to a Las Vegas paper. The article spills a bit about Stand By Me, too.

* Canada is using
Bollywood for public service announcements!

The auntie is my favorite...! TOO CUTE!

* The media can't figure out
Mallika Sherawat's twitter account.

This time, she has hit the headlines for her sense of humour. She has been posting hilarious tweets like no one else of late. Interestingly, her latest tweet says that she is married and pregnant.

So... half of them are outraged about things she says and other are explaining that she's joking. Nice work, media. Nice work.

* This just in... Kate Bosworth is
an idiot.

"I hear that it is doing really well. Slumdog Millionaire success proves that it is time for India to flourish. Actors of Bollywood are working in Hollywood films and vice-versa.

"If they have a good strong script for me then why not, I don't mind acting in an Indian movie. Just let me know how difficult is it to learn the language?" she quipped.

But has she heard of any Indian actors?

"Mr. Khan is what I am recalling as of now. Am I close to the right name?" said Bosworth leaving a doubt whom she was referring to.

Look, Kate Bosworth is a terrible actress - you could get a Russian model who was 10 times as pretty, just as talented, and about 100 times cheaper.

* Sikhs aren't too happy with their portrayal in
No Problem.

Kapoor said the matter has been sorted out with Sikh community leaders, and a disclaimer has been added to the film’s credit.

“We have shown the movie to them. In fact, we have complimented the Sikh people in one of our songs. Lots of people are calling me up, and they are very proud. We have shown that the Sikh community is very regal and very noble,” said Kapoor.

* Jackie Shroff knows he makes
bad business decisions but he can't help it! He's an emotional guy...

"Unfortunately, my thinking is not like that. If someone comes to me and says he wants me to do a film for him, I'll do it even without a second thought. I won't think about how much they are offering me. That is my weakness, I can't say no," said the actor who made some disastrous choices like "Boom", "Kisan" and "Ek - The Power Of One".

"Unfortunately, I'm very emotional when it comes to professional decisions. Because of that I don't get time when a big banner or a big producer approaches me as I'm already stuck. I've lost out on many plum projects because of that," he added.

* Priyamani thinks
Kollywood isn't making good films. REALLY? Something is wrong here - either she was misquoted or she hasn't been watching the films I have.

* Although the news rags can no longer say that Preity Zinta does drugs, they are now claiming her guard
thrashed a young fan. I believe both stories.

* It's not just Preity Zinta being butthurt over the media, Esha Deol is
upset that people are saying she had cosmetic surgery.

Esha was apparently also disturbed when it was widely reported that she had undergone cosmetic surgery during her stay in the US. “She took dance lessons while she was there. She doesn’t want to comment on the rumours of the supposed lip or nose job. Though cosmetic surgery is not a new phenomenon in Bollywood, targeting those questions towards Esha is unfair,” the source adds.

Where are these people getting their gossip?! I thought the accepted story was that Esha was in rehab in the States.

* Kat is postponing
Christmas to finish up shooting in advance of Imran Khan's wedding.

* John Abraham is going
FULL FRONTAL in Dostana 2! (Thanks for reporting this, Steven!)

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A full frontal John Abraham AND a Bob Christo autobiography in the works! I am a happy film fan, indeed! LOL!

PS: I will be first in line for Bob's book!!!!!

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