Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Favorite Dances of 2010!

One of the things I love about Bollywood films are the dances! Oh, naach-gaana, you are so wonderful!

This year saw the return of the item number with a BANG with “Munni” and I can only hope 2011 brings more of the same because otherwise 2010 was pretty weak as far as dances go. I mean, we had a whole movie called
Chance Pe Dance and while it was entertaining, it didn't serve up much actual dancing.

Still, there were some gems hidden in among the montages and club scenes...

here is 2009’s list of dances if you want to compare. This is a different list from my favorite picturizations of 2010, which I will be posting soon. AND I'm not including my favorite South Indian dances from this year - only Bollywood in this list.)

#10 “Parda Parda” from
Once Upon a Time in Mumbaai

Why? It’s a pitch-perfect recreation of the classic 1970s cabaret songs and just a whole lot of fun. I’ve seen better Helen impressions than Gauhar Khan deals up here and better dancing but the picturization was too much fun to pass up completely. 10 for

(Don’t be fooled by the interlude at the track – the song picks back up.)

#9 “Aila Re Aila” from
Khatta Meetha

Why? Although the slow moving
Khatta Meetha failed to find an audience the soundtrack remains one of my most-played of the year. And this song had a spunky dance to go with it! Besides, I’m shallow – Akshay in that cute 1940s getup is enough to give this one some major plus points.

#8 “Ibn-e-Battuta” from

Why? Any time I see Arshad Warsi dancing, I am happy. This was such a clever little tune and a clever picturizations – I would have placed it higher if it had been in the film and not over the end credits.

#7 “Ainvayi Ainvayi” from
Band Baaja Baaraat

Why? That little double shimmy they do is amazing. Mostly, though, I just love Ranveer Singh’s loose-limbed dancing and the whole sense of fun that permeates the song.

Also, this movie was FANTASTIC!

#6 “Sheila Ki Jawaani” from
Tees Maar Khan

Why? Katrina’s belly moves push this one into the top ten… look at her go… sorry, was I drooling?

#5 “Chann Ke Mohalla” from
Action Replayy

Why? It’s Holi and we’re all invited! Aishwarya and Neha (tactfully cropped out of some scenes) do it up right in this cotton candy colored dance number! Nice use of the hordes of background dancers and believe me when I say this looked fantastic on the big screen. I suppose one of the reasons I was a lot more forgiving of the terrible story of
Action Replayy was that I loved all the song picturizations – which included an old-fashioned side by side dancing in Switzerland one, a dance-off, a song at the fair, and a futuristic number. This Holi song was the best one, though.

#4 “Dhanno” from

Why? It’s a party and we’re all invited! This was by far the best “let’s all dance at a club” song that was released all year. Wonderful staging – the visual field is never so cluttered that you don’t know what is going on and they never resort to that lazy “club dancing” that passes for picturizations these days. (*cough* “Uff Teri Ada”)

The best part is, you can read the whole song as a giant FU from Sajid Khan to the entire industry. You can read my in-depth take on the song

#3 “Fire” from

Why? HRITHIK ROSHAN doing that thing that he does where he dances really well. Look, I know I was one of maybe five people that enjoyed
Kites but just because you didn’t like the movie doesn’t mean you can deny the awesome power of Hrithik’s popping and locking and doing break dancing moves. I will not let you.

Also, you know I love a good upskirt and Kangana twirls quite nicely here.

#2 “Udi Udi” from

Why? In a year of dumb dance club scenes and chocolate heroes doing that thing where they kind of bob up and down and pretend it’s fashion. Aishwarya’s deceptively simple mime act is a rare vision of beauty and grace and one of the highlights of the year in dance.

This was her year. Haters to the left.

#1 “Munni Badnaam Hui” from

Why? Did you watch the video? Malika Arora Khan is amazing! Look at her go! Go, Munni, go!


Bombay Talkies said...

Wow...I'd never seen Udi Udi before...that teared me up at the end. Definitely need to watch Guzaarish, that was sizzling.

dunkdaft said...

I too loved Kites.
And I absolutely loved Udi... My most fav this year.

Precious P said...

Yayyy Agreeed with most! i'd just replace Ishqiya with IHLS title track, OUATIM highly addictive & UDI is definitely one of the most classy choreogaphed acts!

Jyothi said...

Wow! Udi Udi is beautiful... I hadnt checked out any of Guzaarish videos coz of the bad reviews! Definitely need to watch it now! :)

Great list! :)

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