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Favorite Bollywood Songs of 2010!

Unlike my favorite song picturizations, I can actually tell you my favorite songs with scientific accuracy! You see, iTunes has this nifty feature where it counts the number of times you play a song. Although I do have the nasty habit of hitting "back" before the song is over so I can hear it again, this is probably a pretty accurate reflection of what Bollywood songs I was listening to this year.

The videos are the audio of the songs only, just so you don't get distracted.

Please do comment with your favorites, too!

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#10 Song: "Nana Chi Taang"
Khatta Meetha
Composer: Pritam
Singer(s): Kunal Ganjawala

Why? The soundtrack to
Khatta Meetha was full of earwormy tunes, as to be expected from Pritam, but this one was a real delight. A jazzy bass line anchors the song but it's Kunal Ganjawala's soulful vocals that really sell it. I love when he goes up into falsetto. (Bitches love falsetto.) It's nothing extraordinary but it's very enjoyable. Vah!

#9 Song: "Ishq ki gali"
Milenge Milenge
Composer: Rahat Fateh Ali Khan
Singer(s): Rahat Fateh Ali Khan

Why? An unexpected entry from a Himesh Reshemmiya produced album - this is a beautiful bit of vintage Rahat Fateh Ali Khan. That is all you need to know about this one.

#8 Song: "Suno Aisha"
Composer: Amit Trivedi
Singer(s): Amit Trivedi

Why? I was
quite the Amit Trivedi fangirl last year what with Dev.D and I continue the trend this year by loving on "Sonu Aisha." See, I play the trombone and a nice horn riff is enough to get me listening. "Suno Aisha" provides that and specifically a (fake) trombone for me to groove on. The song itself is a nice mix of synthesizers and strings and backwards samples. "Suno Aisha" was far too good for Aisha and I can only hope Amit Trivedi gets a job where the quality of the film can match the quality of his music.

#7 Song: "Desi Kali"
Golmaal 3
Composer: Pritam
Singer(s): Sunidhi Chauhan

Why? Do you even know disappointed I was that this did not get a picturization on Bebo? Sunidhi Chauhan does what she does best - shouty, sassy vocals. And Pritam provides the simple backing track. It's not a complicated song but it does what it needs to, make me hit the back button so I can hear it again.

#6 Song: "Shiri Farhad"
Dulha Mil Gaya
Composer: Lalit-Pandit
Singer(s): Tulsi Kumar and Neeraj Shridhar

Why? Understandably, this film tanked but the soundtrack remained in rotation on my iPod and this song more than the others. The lyrics are dumb and the melody non-existent but I really, really liked the hypnotic tone it gets going. My favorite part is the pre-chorus where the descending line drops into "Tu meri shiri aur main tera farhad" but I like everything. The dumb rap. The dumb English lines. Everything. This was a totally underrated jam.

#5 Song: "Taali"
Composer: Sajid-Wajid
Singer(s): Sukhwinder Singh

Why? First of all, Sukhwinder Singh is awesome and his performance ROCKS the shit out of this song. Secondly, this song is epic. There is clapping (natch!) layered on percussion layered on a variety of stringed instruments layered on horns etc. etc. Phil Specter would have been thrilled to hear this song because you get a wall of sound that will blow your mind when you play it really loud.

(My favorite part is the bridge when the bass drops out and you get Sukhwinder and the drums. EPIC!)

#4 Song: "Ainvayi Ainvayi"
Band Baaja Baaraat
Composer: Salim-Sulaiman,
Singer(s): Sunidhi Chauhan and Salim Merchant

Why? This one is actually a really good synthesis of Western and bhangra sounding elements, a rare but shining example of
filmi rock. I'm actually not too keen on snare sound going on here but the bass is really well done. Crank it and get your spine tingled! But besides the arrangement, the high energy and fast tempo kept me playing this one over and over and over and over... (you get the idea!)

#3 Song: "Ibn-e-Batuta"
Composer: Vishal Bhardwaj
Singer(s): Sukhwinder Singh and Mika Singh

Why? Besides the fact that it's just a wonderful song from a wonderful film, what hooks me in this is the verse. Specifically, I love the enunciation of all those 't's and those 'brrrrrrrrrrrr' that punctuation everything. The chemistry between Sukhwinder and Mika duetting is as good as Naseer and Arshad in the film. It's a loopy piece of musical joy!

#2 Song: "Tees Maar Khan"
Tees Maar Khan
Composer: Shirish Kunder
Singer(s): Sonu Nigaam

Why? I am a sucker for a good horn section... and a funky groove. The build-up of all the "tees maar khan, tees maar khan" is really satisfying. Plus, how hilarious are all of Sonu Nigaam's voices?

#1 Song: "Munni Badnaam"
Composer: Lalit-Pandit
Singer(s): Mamta Sharma

Why? Something about this song is just really hypnotic. The melody is simple and not very flashy but the performance from Mamta Sharma is really good. Her voice is so earthy! What really sold me on this, though, was the descending line in the verse.... "Munni ke gaal gulabi, nain sharabi, chaal nawabi re..."

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eliza bennet said...

My favorite this year (not that unlike you I have heard many of them) is Parda - I couldn't (well can't) get enough of Parda so much so that I actually memorised the lyrics :)

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