Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Wednesday Gossip!

Goooood morning!

Gossip time! Gossip time! Gossip time!

* There is going to be an
historic pact between Holly and Bollywood, regarding copyright and distribution.

What? Nobody invited South India?

The MPAA, which represents U.S. movie studios, has been an active anti-piracy advocate in the U.S. and is looking to collaborate with India to crack down on knock-offs in a nation where small-time shops peddle illegal copies of Hollywood or Bollywood DVDs for less than $1. India needs the help of U.S. law enforcement to snuff out piracy at the Indian grocery stores across America that are warehouses of bootlegged Bollywood fare.

I NEVER buy bootlegged DVDs. Never. Even when the official release takes FOREVER to come.

* Katrina Kaif will appear on Ali Zafar's
next album! Yay!

When contacted, Ali laughed and said, "Yes, Katrina is very sweet and told me she would be a part of my album.

I carry my guitar on the sets and she too is learning the basics.

She will probably play it for my album." Kat sure has struck the right chords with Ali.

They are TOO CUTE!

* Why doesn't Katrina want to act
opposite Saif?! Hmm... I bet something happened on the sets of Race! Or maybe Kat doesn't want to upset Bebo... Or maybe she just doesn't like him...

* DAMN! Apparently, Deepika had some harsh words for
Ranbir and Katrina on Koffee with Karan!

When asked by KJo what she would give Ranbir as a gift, she surly responded 'a packet of condoms.' Wow, harsh. And the former model didn't calm down when asked what she would say to Katrina if they ever met. In reference to Katrina's age, Dips said, "I would like to see her passport." Interesting.

Whoa! Calm down, Dippy! First of all, who gets into a relationship with a Kapoor man and
doesn't expect he's going to sleep around... um, hello? And secondly, it's one thing for me, a powerless blogger, to joke about Katrina's age (I'm actually with Deeps on this one) but does she really want to burn her bridges like that? Comparing hits to flops, Katrina is way more powerful at the box office...

* Read about which
exotic countries are in and which are out for Bollywood!

Countries like Latvia, Poland, Germany, Brazil, Peru, Morocco, Egypt, Afghanistan, Turkey and Mexico are fast replacing destinations like New York, London, Bangkok, Switzerland, Mauritius and Paris.

These countries too have come to realise the power of Bollywood in boosting up tourism and trade and for Indian filmmakers it is a win-win situation as the red carpet comes with lucrative co-production deals.

* In this delicious little gem, Amitabh Bachchan attempts to
copyright his voice.

One of India's biggest movie stars, Amitabh Bachchan, has said he is to seek copyright protection for his famed gravelly voice after a tobacco manufacturer used a sound-alike voice-over to advertise its product.

In a posting on his blog, Mr Bachchan – a Bollywood veteran who has sometimes been accused of taking himself a little too seriously – said he had been alarmed to learn from a friend that his voice, which is commonly imitated by Indian actors and comedians, had been used to sell "gutka", a mixture of chewing tobacco, crushed betel nut and spices that is hugely popular across India.

I think it's unethical to have somebody with a soundalike voice doing advertisements but if nobody is
saying that it's Amitabh, is it really illegal?

* It's a January
court wedding for Imran Khan! (Sorry, ladies...)

* Sofia Loren and Dilip Kumar are
friends! Who knew!

* Salman Khan is back with
Rajshri! He's doing a cameo in an upcoming film!

* If you are me, then the one thing you want to hear is
Abhinav Kashyap + SRK and if there is one thing I don't it's that Abhinav is out of Dabangg 2.

* AHHHH! Mani Ratnam's next will be in Tamil and star
VIKRAM and Mahesh Babu! Why aren't I watching this movie right now?

* It's Jacqueline Fernandez for
Murder 2.

(And I love the writing of this piece:

Mallika Sherawat, who sizzled in Murder in her two-pieces (strangely accepted as college-wear in the film) and hot smooches with Emraan Hashmi, will not have to hone her skills for the film's sequel.


* Looking to relaunch herself yet again, Esha Deol has been taking advice from

Read some talks with Neha Dhupia! The cutie talks about playing a dacoit:

"I never imagined playing the part. It was only his faith. It's a very challenging role and I thought there are so many actresses who have the potential to play the part. It gives a new dimension to any female actor.

"But he (the director) wanted me to do it and then we got into rehearsals. I think that I am very urban, a city girl. Once I got into this, I started thinking apart. I don't know what started playing in my mind," said Neha.

HIMESH SHOULD STOP ACTING, says Bhushan Kumar, who invested in Himesh's acting.

HRITHIK (magicing the crowd!) on
Sa Re Ga Ma Pa - the title of which always get this stuck in my head:


eliza bennet said...

Deepika's comments actually took away some of the android vibe I always get from her.

And it is pretty naive to think that RK will be loyal to her, poor thing even got a tattoo of his initials. I actually thought it was sweet (the mistakes of youth :) )

And it is pretty smart to be catty about Kat. They are not even in the same league as far as box office and clout in the 'fraternity' are concerned so obviously she is trying to get attention (which in her case, I think needed). Who better target than Kat? She cannot say anything about Bebo (she'll chew her up) nor about Aish (Bachchan Bahu is armed with heavy guns) this leaves only Priyanka and Kat.

I actually like Ranbir and Kat on film (but Kat is good with almost anyone, and I'm one the few non Indian people who actually was entertained by Race).

Filmi Girl said...

@eliza Hee hee!

And it is pretty naive to think that RK will be loyal to her, poor thing even got a tattoo of his initials. I actually thought it was sweet (the mistakes of youth :) )

Sooooo true! I wonder if she thought they were going to get married...! She is still pretty young. She'll learn soon enough that the Kapoor men can't be tamed. ;D

Hmmm... you make an interesting point about her gunning for Katrina. (Although taking a page from Rakhi Sawant's book dosen't seem like the greatest idea to me.)

Maybe this means that she is really out of the running for Joker with Akshay - although she is filming Desi Boyz with him and John A. right now... does she really want to be insulting his "lucky charm"?

She just seems really disillusioned with Bollywood, which is kind of sad. Oh, to be young and naive again... :)

An illuminating comment as always, Eliza! :D

kintama said...

@Eliza Is that true? She really did tatoo Ranbir's initials? Where? That's hilarious! (I didn't even know she was with Ranbir to begin with, and the "condom" comment seems like she VERY bitter she lost her virginity to Ranbir; but she should have known better with his family of man-whores)
And yeah it's good to express what you feel, but attacking Katrina seems pointless. Although both don't act much, one is successful and the other isn't. She should just try to improve her skills and get (much) better rather than pointless talking.

@FG About the thing about Bushan & Himesh. First thing, Himesh was offered 15 crores for 3 movies and he has to do them, and Aap Ka Suroor was a big success. So although I agree Himesh should stop acting, it doesn't force Bushan to stab Himesh (and Pooja Bhatt) in the back by selling the satellite rights and doing a symbolical theater release. People actually worked on the movie. And the music alone was one of the greatest album in recent years. This is so disrespectful I don't have any words to describe the stupidity of this guy. And objectively, I love Pritam, but he is nowhere near Himesh's creativity and talent. And he would never fill up Wembley. Anyway, best of luck to Himesh, although he has many haters in the industry :( (never appeared in any big name movie apart of some Salman films)

Filmi Girl said...

@kintama This article has a picture of her tattoo:

It's on the back of her neck - her hair hides it if she wears it down.

And she does sound soooo bitter, na?

You do make some good points about Bushan and Himesh. I think Bushan is is probably also bitter and lashing out. It's fun to write about but I agree that it's not a wise thing to say. ;D

kintama said...

Oh thank you so much. Is this the single most pathetic thing that ever happened to a Bollywood actress? (that can actually be a question for your drunk videos :p)
Idea for Deepikha: marry the very eligible bachelor (I think?) Aditya Roy Kapoor and just add an "A" to it :DD

And I thought Katrina was with Salman? Is she with Ranbir now?

This is all so complicated >< Oh ans since we're talking gossip stuff and you seem pretty knowledgable on the matter (GossipGirl? ;) ), was Abishek ever engaged to Karishma Kapoor, and if yes, what happened? AND that tiny girl marrying Imran Khan, wasn't she with Ranbir before? Isn't she like the goldiggers marrying NBA or NFL players in the US?

Thank you in advance for the answers :) :)

Filmi Girl said...

@kintama Sadly, I don't think it's the most pathetic thing to happen but that might make a good topic for a list... Hmmm...

Kat and Salman broke up and she was never officially with Ranbir (there were rumors that she flew to New York to meet him when he was doing Anjaana Anjaani, etc.) but nothing recently. Ranbir was just spotted a couple of weeks ago with some blonde girl (probably a Russian) in Mumbai.

Well, the story has it that Abhishek and Lolo were engaged but Jaya made them break it off when she found out that Lolo had engaged in "paid dating" with rich businessmen.

Poor Lolo has had a hard life... her current marriage is pretty unhappy, if I am reading the cards right.

I think that tiny girl was Imran's girlfriend from before he was in the industry and rumor has it that she keeps him on a short leash...

kintama said...

Hmm thanks for the answers. :) I'm shocked by Karishma's paid dating (woaah isn't that semi-prostitution? -_-)
Anyway here's where I heard the Ranbir thing:
But then again the indian "people" media is the biggest cancer of Bollywood, so who knows what's right.

On another note, don't know if you read it, the latest news on Indiaglitz announces that Aamir's next film might star Kareena, or Aishwarya, or even both!

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