Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Tuesday Gossip!

Hellooooo world!

I hope everybody is having a bright and shiny day! It's kind of rainy here but that's okay... I'll pretend it's sunny in my mind. I've been trying to find somebody to come to the
Nutcracker with me but no go so far. I suppose I'll have better luck convincing somebody to go see Black Swan - a film I highly encourage Bollywood to start remaking. (Although, where to find some actresses who can dance... hmmm... )

Now, it's time for GOSSIP!

* The wheels of the universe keep turning and Bollywood stars
will always need a hit!

“Actors like Akshay, Aishwarya and Hrithik are way beyond the hits and flop status. Their star power or status will remain undented by their films business. Also Ash and Akshay have had superhits too this year,” he says.

As for Deepika and Imran, he adds, “These two are not in the topmost league yet, but almost there, so they too remain unaffected. But yes, in the long run, they will have to buck up soon. They are both good packages and young. That works in their favour.”

* Katrina Kaif talks about working with
Farah Khan.

"She is so clear about what she wants to do and is not a hard taskmaster on the sets at all. She never wastes a minute of your time and will never call you earlier. She is a phenomenal director and I think she is fantastic."

* Nahiiiiiiiin! Bebo might have to back out of Aamir Khan's next because of
Short Term Shaadi. Now, I know that I disagree with a lot of people about a lot of things but I think we can all come together to say that this is really too bad for Bebo. An Aamir Khan film is always going to be a better choice than an NRI rom-com starring Imran Khan.


But there is a silver lining - this means we may get to see the return of RANI MUKERJI! (Call me, okay!)

* Aishwarya and Hrithik are apparently
both ill and can't promote Guzaarish.

* Vidya Balan and Abhishek Bachchan
back together?

Abhi talks about his
next film:

"For almost two years, Ashu (director Ashutosh Gowariker) researched the Chittagong Uprising, Surjya Sen and the other characters who took part in the uprising. There is very little photographic documentation of him and those that were available were from the period after he was arrested. It would have been great if we could get the video footage of them, then we could have really studied them. When playing a real life character you want the portrayal to be as real as possible. But here Ashu told us that we are not making a biopic on Surjya Sen, the film is about the Chittagong uprising and not a single person. So Ashu was okay if we took a little liberty in our portrayal of the characters."

I'm more interested in Vidya's
Kahaani. Scriptwriter Advaita Kala talks about the film:

And before she finished, Jhankar Beats director Sujoy wanted her to write the script of Kahaani.

"We were talking about doing something together and he told me this idea and before I knew the story had gripped me. Somehow this woman's story became very important to tell."

Rocket Singh girl (no, not the hot one - the other one...) Shazahn Padamsee is making her Kollywood debut in Orange. One wonders how big her role actually is...

* The Big B is doing a remake of a Belgian film called
Iedereen Beroemd.

* Rumor has it that Saif is out of
Kunal Kohli's next but Kunal Kohli says it isn't true.

* Asin is not doing the
Kakka Kakka remake and is maintaining silence on the Anurag Basu directed Silence - which I thought Priyanka Chopra had already been confirmed for but maybe not? (Please let it be Asin!)

* Lara Dutta is releasing an
exercise video.

* Take a look at the evergreen
Southern superstars.

The common thread in the three stories is the fact that none of them is the son of a producer or filmmaker, which is commonplace in Bollywood. For each one it has been a start from the scratch and a fight against odds.

If their unconventional style and mannerisms made superstars out of Rajnikanth, 61, son of a workingclass migrant Maharashtrian family in Bangalore, and Chiranjeevi, 55, whose roots are very much in the middle class, it was versatility that propelled Mammootty, 57, the son of a farmer, to that status.

* When you bring Subhash Ghai and Rituparno Ghosh together on a film, there is bound to be

* Prakash Jha is going to re-launch
Karan Nath.

Sahib Bibi aur... Gangster?

Says the director:
"At the time when Sahib Bibi Aur Ghulam was made, the idea of a zamindar's wife committing adultery was unthinkable. Today a neglected wife will behave differently. Mahie and Randeep have many graphic love-making scenes."

* Pam Anderson arrives in
Mumbai and creates havoc.

* Koena Mitra launches her own
youtube channel.

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