Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Tuesday Gossip!

Hello, everybody!

Don't forget to check out my very first
video blog and let me know what you think! (I've already been taken to task for watching myself while I speak, so next time I'll just close the monitor window... hee hee! It comes from admiring one's self too much, I think.)

Any fans of
Sholay should go check out Memsaab's post on the various DVD versions available!

And lovely Louella has a post on
5 things NOT to do while watching SI films!

...being quiet
Laugh, whistle, shout, sing along, clap - everything is welcomed! Make some noise.

Now! Can we have a little Twitter business?

* Check out this
thoughtful look at why celebrities are so obsessed with Twitter!

Celebrities use Twitter in ten distinct ways –

1. To share the mundane trivia from their lives.
2. To engage in one-to-one conversations with their celebrity friends on Twitter.
3. To promote their blog or fan community.
4. To promote a project or cause they are engaged in.
5. To comment on a news item or a public debate.
6. To comment on news item related to them.
7. To shape public debate with a strong point of view.
8. To engage in a public cat-fight with other celebrities or journalists.
9. To answer questions from their fans on Twitter.
10. To connect their fans with each other through memes and contests.

It's a great read, so go check it out!

And a hat tip to Filmy Shilmy for pointing this article reviewing reviewers out!

Now, Gossip!

* Get a
rundown of the Obama's state dinner! They were serenaded with some songs from Sholay! Maybe we can get Obama to move along a Criterion Collection edition of the film...

* Actress Monica Bedi will soon be
free and John Abraham's bail has been extended.

* Akshaye Khanna is
endearingly crabby about his role in Tees Maar Khan.

"I’m just making a guest appearance in Tees Maar Khan." Hee hee! I don't think that is what Farah Khan thought...

* I know everybody has been curious about Tusshar Kapoor's new film
Shorr (*crickets*). Okay, then, it's going to be premiering at the Tenth Annual Mahindra Indo-American Arts Council (MIAAC) Film Festival in New York. Ekta Kapoor will be there...

* Are the Bachchans troubled by
Aish's steamy scenes in Guzaarish? Probably. At least, I bet Jaya is.

* Emraan Hashmi is

"I don't make films to make money, I make films to be able to make more films, so when a film of mine is a hit, it buys me more time in the industry, that's how I look at it. All of us just try to stay afloat in the industry," the actor told IANS.

* The
Tees Maar Khan music launch on Sunday will be out of control, promises Farah Khan. Well, I already have the title track stuck in my head!

* Read
an interview with Anupam Kher!

The actor also recently announced the launch of his acting school in New York and is looking forward to teaching the West a bit about acting. “There are quite a few misconceptions about Bollywood that the West has,” he says, “It’s probably because they think it’s not important enough.”

* Anybody in Mumbai should go check out
Aarya Babbar's directorial debut at the fabulous Prithvi Theatre!

* Both Bebo and Kat are insisting that
the other one is the Size Zero Girl. Everybody wants to be curvy now, ya! (And Bebo says:

Kareena says that the speculations started even before either Johar or she had uttered a word on the subject. “I can understand the curiosity but in this case the buzz was way off track. I’m playing a hairstylist settled in the US. She’s a Sunshine Girl who doesn’t need shorts or mini skirts,” Kareena argues heatedly.)

I don't wear shorts, either, Bebo! I hate them...

* Director Danish Asalam seems to be under the mistaken impression that
Break Ke Baad is some sort of breakthrough film about "real" love stories.

"I wanted to show what happens to two people, who have known each other for their entire life, if their relationship breaks. I found the concept more exciting than just writing run-of-the-mill love story."


Bro, if I wanted depressing real life broken romance, I'd just look out the window.

* Hrithik and John Abraham (typo! SORRY!)
bonded during the filming of Guzaarish... Hrithik sought advice on what it's like to be laid up, unable to move.

* It's sequel mania in Bollywood right now and obviously Ekta Kapoor will not be left out. She's working on something for
Once Upon A Time in Mumbaai that won't bring back the original cast.


Anonymous said...

Hrithik and John Abraham bonded during the filming of Guzaarish... Hrithik sought advice on what it's like to be laid up, unable to move.

Um, what? I think the John they are talking about is a legit paraplegic that Hrithik met while filming. He even tweeted about this guy

Filmi Girl said...

@tequilabangbang LOLLLLL! Thanks for catching that - sometimes my fingers type faster than my brain thinks. Especially early in the morning.

I'll fix it. :)))

Anonymous said...

Your youtube video was truly hilarious. Looking forward to more :D

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