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Thursday Gossip!

Helllllloooo everyone! We've got some good debate going on on my Star Children post, so go check it out!

Somebody asked me why I had done this list when there are so many star children in Bollywood. I know there are lots of star children in Bollywood. Some are talented and some are not. Some coast along and some try really hard. And not all star children are created equal and somebody like Neil Nitin Mukesh, Mukesh's grandson, has to hustle a lot more than the son of a producer or top list actor... I just gathered 5 at random and wrote about them. Maybe I'll do the same for models, too, one day in the future. Or VJs.

Look, my mother is a librarian. I am a librarian. If my mother was an actress, maybe I would have ended up an actress... I get it. I'm Team Ranbir Kapoor! Team Hrithik Roshan! Team Kareena Kapoor!

But I worked for it. Nobody just let me loose in a library and said, "Oh, your mother is a librarian, so we are hiring you!" And it strikes me a silly that this is exactly what happens sometimes in Bollywood - especially when there are large sums of money involved. Certainly more than comes from hiring a librarian.

Anyways. I'll let everybody simmer down before I another batch of those.... pheew!

Moving on!


Arundhati REMAKE?! starring Aishwarya Rai?! YES PLEASE! (I'm sure this is just a rumor, but wouldn't it be awesome!)

And apparently Madhur Bhandarkar is now gunning for her for
Heroine. (Don't do it, Aish!)

* Here is an update on the
Bollywood-Hollywood pact.

Mostly, it was a symbolic coming together of the two industries, and some big names turned out. Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa said, “This declaration reinforces our city’s commitment to attracting international production. In the past year, we have already seen Hindi movies such as My Name is Khan, and Kites filmed in Los Angeles, and we enthusiastically welcome further Indian production in Los Angeles.”

Also on hand: California Film Commissioner Amy Lemisch, Paramount Pictures CEO Brad Grey, along with Indian producers Bobby Bedi, L. Suresh, and representatives from Reliance BIG Entertainment and UTV Motion Pictures.

* But wouldn't we all be more interested in
a NOLLYWOOD crossover?

Nollywood, he says, is not known to Indians. He is going to introduce it to Indians in India very soon. He has encountered a lot of Nigerians who can sing Hindi songs clearly and that amazes him. He has met Nigerians who are huge fans of Amitabh Bachchan and Dhamendra and these Nigerians follow the lives of these Bollywood stars, including Shah Rukh Khan. “I have a lot of plans,” he adds. “I'm in touch with some Nigerians who have close ties with India to present a show or carnival titled, Namaste Naija. It will feature good dances and choreography from Bollywood stars, costume workshops and scriptwriting workshops too.” More of cultural exchanges? “More than that,” he smiles. “It will afford Indians the opportunity to know the good side of Nigeria. It will show Indians that Nigeria is not the country we read about in the media. A lot of good stuff dey come out from Naija.”

* A man after my own heart - just spill it, Saif!
He loves being a star..

"I love being a star. Even if we get mobbed at a public place I've never really had a problem with that. It's quite cool."

I can appreciate that level of honesty.

* Steven Baker talks to
Kapil Sharma about Dunno y.

"Recently I received threatening mails, in which it was written that this film would corrupt society and that homosexuality is part of western culture.

"They said that we would be damaging society if it releases, and the consequences would be bad for us."

* Read about
Annie - Pakistani pop singer!

* A temple dedicated to
Amitabh Bachchan has been established in Kolkata.

* Danish Aslam
talks Break Ke Baad... my least anticipated film after Ashutosh's latest.

Imran follows Aamir footsteps, he studies his role, what efforts were made for this one?

Imran didn’t have to act at all in my film. This is the easiest bit of job he has ever done. The character he plays is that of a committed guy in love who believes in the institution of marriage and Imran is just like that in real life.

That is JUST what I want to hear before going to see a film... that the actors didn't have to act.

* Read about
how the 70s were created in Action Replayy.

* Is Kat doing another with
Kabir Khan?! (I hope so!)

* Priyanka Chopra is ready to
get married.

* Harman Baweja is going to try his hand at
directing. Best of luck, Harman!

* Shilpa and Akshay are
unfriendly neighbors.

* Suriya is upset with
RGV over promotions...

* Hrithik did some crazy dance moves in

* New mummy Kajol
gives an interview:

Q And would you say you have trained Ajay well?

Haven’t I trained him well … nobody can say I have trained him badly.

* And director
Pankaj Advani has passed away.

And check out Aishwarya and Hrithik in Dubai!

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