Thursday, November 18, 2010


Hello, hello!

If you are me, you have been waiting for this:

Oh, Rani and your smokey, smokey voice... did anyone else get shivers when she says, "Let's kill the bastards."

I'm hoping we get more hilarious interviews like
this one which has people trying to get both Rani AND Vidya married.

“The media has been trying to get me married for a lot of years. But it will happen when it has to happen. The question is ‘Kya raja ki aayegi baraat?’ I say ‘aayegi, aayegi’,” [says] Rani, who started her Bollywood career with Raja Ki Aayegi Baraat in 1997, said at a press conference here.

And a subtle dig at her age with that 1997 crack! Hilarious and catty - love it!

Gossip time!

Bollywood reaches even the far corners of India.

Last of the Tattooed Head Hunters- a 15-minute film is based on the head hunting Konyak Nagas of northern Nagaland. The film has received loud applauses at screenings due to its uniqueness. Introducing a splendid mores and its people to the world, the film opens door for tourists to visit its beautiful land.

Nevertheless, it’s sad to see that our filmmakers are still yet to discover the mysterious finery of this of Northeast as most of the movies are being shot outside. In a contrast, peoples from this region find Bollywood movies and songs so endearing.

* And check out an article on
Pakistani filmmakers.

The first Pashto film, made in India in the 1930s, was an adaptation of the Sufi love story, Laila Majnu and preceded the industry’s 1970s heyday when a series of classical cultural tales were adapted for the big screen.
But in the 1980s a new type of Pashto film was born that Gul and his actors say damaged the industry with its sexed-up love scene

* Sushmita Sen is
completely modern and is in no hurry to get married.

* Kissing:
still controversial.

To which filmmaker Rensil D’Silva, who directed Kurbaan says, “What happened with my film was not planned. And no filmmaker would want their film to be projected in that way as I believe that films that sell on lip-locks and skin-show lack content.”

* Pam Anderson is really an
unlikely sex symbol these days. She's almost like a parody of the Western ideal of "sexy." The amount of ink spilled on her Bigg Boss cameo is crazy.

* Aamir Khan is going
bald again for a role... I wonder if he'll let the botox wear off, too.

Golmaal 4?

* Sonam is the classic Mean Girl of

When zoOm asked Sonam about the other fashion queen of B-town, Kangna, she replied, "I really like the way Kangna is trying to be different. I know she's given interviews where she's said that she reads international fashion magazines and looks at the pictures. I think when someone tries and actually succeeds, it shows she's a good learner."

Could there be a more back-handed compliment than "good learner"? Sounds like somebody is jealous of Kangana's acting talent.

Two States is definitely on.

Enjoy the most cranky review of Endhiran ever.

The leads of this film are Rajnikant and Aishwariya Rai. When I heard who the cast was I was shocked and knew I had to watch this movie. Rajnikant is plays two roles in the movie – one of scientist Dr Vasigaran who creates a sentient robot and the second of Chitthi – the robot. The beautiful Ash portrays Sana in the movie.

Rai looks elegant and seems to grow more beautiful with age. On the other hand Rajnikant sports a beard in the movie which gives him a perfect look for a bear! Besides that his tummy is enhancing with age.

Sounds like somebody missed the point...

* Gopichand!!!!! He is
starting his own T-craze! What does it mean? Who knows!

* Shahid Kapoor is
OUT of Mira Nair's next.

Reportedly, Shahid’s new look in Mausam is the primary reason why he kept Mira waiting for dates.

“Shahid is currently shooting for
Mausam. He has a particular look for Mausam and would not shoot any other film. Mira’s film revolves around a Pakistani man and she needed Shahid to have a bearded look for the character. He kept dillydallying and did not revert with the dates,” revealed a source close to the actor.

I hope
Mausam is worth all this fuss. Although, since it stars Sonam, chances are not good - not impossible but not good.

(photo credits: Viral Bhayani)


Sonia said...

wow, that comment by Sonam...... I don't know if she was sober when she said that.

Anonymous said...

As for the Tribune blog take on Robot! I get so infuriated with this particular newspaper's blog section! It has some of the weirdest and most Gossip girl-usque blog entries i can think of!

Shell said...

Yes! Rani is back! Who Killed Jessica looks fantastically interesting. With two of my fav females, I will be waiting for this anxiously!

Oh, Sonam, does anyone really care what you have to say? Not me.

honeycombveils said...

The trailer for "who killed Jessica" is really great! I'm such a fan of Vidya Balan (since the fabulous "Ishqiya") so I can't wait to see this one...And Raniiiiii - wow, that looks like a kick-ass role.

Filmi Girl said...

@sonia Hee hee! She just seems so catty!

@dishoomdishoom Wasn't that hilarious?! Why send a Rajini-hater to a Rajini movie? And since when does any masala film make logical sense? Yeesh.

@shell RANI!!!! Vidya!!! I can't wait!

@honeycombveils Doesn't it look so good!! I really want a comeback for Rani! She is of ages with Vidya and yet is treated like an old hag by the media!

Sami Saayer said...

now this is one fantastic promo of jessica.

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