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While I wait for my sister to finish making her Thanksgiving dish in the kitchen - it's my turn next - please have a little potpourri of gossip!

For anybody in Delhi - go check out the 3rd Annual
Gay Pride Fest on Sunday!

"Dilli Dilli" from
No One Killed Jessica!

Thankfully Rachel Saltz must be on vacation and the
New York Times has a smart and on-point review of Break Ke Baad courtesy of one Mike Hale.

For the American viewer the minor pleasures of the knockabout comedy and the pretty locations (Mauritius stands in for the Australian Gold Coast, where Aaliya escapes from the pressures of home and love) may not completely block out the gender inequities of the screenplay, by Renuka Kunzru, and the direction, by Danish Aslam.

* Poor Vinod Khanna is

* Musican Toshi (who sang songs like "Maahi" from
Raaz 2) has been in a serious car accident - and one of the members of his band was killed.

* Ali Zafar talks about his
new album.

Jhoom’s music video which will be released in a couple of months and will have a completely different feel as compared to what he has done in the past as Ali thinks that “the worst an artist can do to himself is remain in awe of his own self forever” and “one must break out of it.”

* Katrina Kaif... oh
Katrina Kaif!

There’s talk of a sequel? “It’s the current fad and Farah’s call,” she says. “I’d love to work with her again. But for now, the only sequel I’m doing is Dostana 2 and I’m really excited about it.” No Race 2? “No,” she clarifies. “Remember I was killed in a car crash at the end of Part 1? And since the follow-up has no ghost track, I really can’t make a spirited comeback.” Touché!

* Is Vishal Bhardwaj remaking
The Departed with Shahrukh Khan?

* Sanjay Gupta wants to take the revolutionary step of making films that
work with the audience.

"My future production plan is simple, I have to make the kind of films that have worked with audience", he brings in clarity here, "Objective for the next three years is to focus on quality instead of quantity. I used to think about bringing half a dozen films in one go; now it would be only three, but then they have to be terrific."

* Pakistani distributers released
Guzaarish a couple days early but because it flopped, I think the issue will be quietly dropped.

* Imran Khan says that Sonam should do
more movies and fewer magazine covers. With all due respect to Imran Khan, I would suggest that Sonam take the opposite advice. Maybe she could even start her own fashion website or personal shopping business.

Alas, Sonam replied like this:
“Imran is really sweet and I like him, but I can’t take someone so wet behind the ears seriously. He still has a lot to do before he makes statements like that.”


* Indian film is
going global at the IFFI.

Foreign filmmaker Christoph Thoke who recently watched Aamir’s Peepli Live was quite impressed with this reality based film.

Fascinated about Indian films, the German producer stated, “We in Europe are tired of films that are about suffering. We are now looking forward to films that depict reality in a more real way without making it too heavy."

* South Indian filmmakers are
upset that South Indian film has been left out of IFFI.

* Marathi audiences are
turning away from Bollywood in favor of regional film.

* Subhash Ghai is going
all out in the press.

I would not like the younger generation to wear jeans anymore. Children must build national character, not corrupt it," Ghai told reporters on the sidelines of the International Film Festival of India (IFFI) 2010.

The Showman also
talks about how great regional cinema is.

* Riya Sen talks about her
new film.

Granddaughter of Bengali screen legend Suchitra Sen, Riya says that despite belonging to the state she never got a chance to star in any movie from the region until Noukadubi.

"It was really a novel experience for me to return to my roots after such a long time. It is strange that I never got the chance to act in Bengali cinema before this. Working in the film was fun. We shot most of parts in various places in the state, including Shantiniketan," she added.

* Anil Kapoor is
going bald... for a film! That head of hair is all natural, baby!

* Why is
Koffee With Karan so entertaining?

* John Abraham thinks that it is his
struggle to make it that connects him to his fans.

* Bipasha Basu
talks a lot.

Well, size zero is a western concept, which is not relevant in India. Size zero means someone who is petite or of a small size. It is not related to fitness. By normal standards, a young girl of 13-14 can be size zero. It's very tough for an older woman to look size zero without looking anorexic. And who likes an anorexic looking woman? Indian men love a fuller body with a nice shape. Curves are hotter than a flat body.

Preach it, sister!

* Manisha Koirala has moved
back in with her parents.

* A film called
I am Singh about Sikhs in America has been allowed to shoot at Ground Zero in New York City.

* Finally, enjoy reading about how Hollywood works
all over the world. Here is the Bollywood portion:

As you would expect from the world’s largest film producing nation, national cinema is all the rage here. Routinely producing each year’s top earner (apart from last year, with bloody Avatar screwing everything up), the appetite and audience for Bollywood and other regional cinemas remains strong. 2008’s Ghajini did in fact earn about $10 million more at the box office than Avatar did the following year, and it takes a really big Hollywood release to break into the annual top ten.

This isn’t to say that they are not avidly consumed there (I know how popular Hollywood cinema is from personal experience. No man should be forced to queue in 40 degree heat for
Shrek Forever After…) but that with such a strong film industry of their own, there are enough quality options to ensure that Hollywood isn’t the only, or indeed, the first choice.

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