Sunday, November 28, 2010

Sunday Gossip!

Filmi Gossip Time! Let's see what is happening in Bollywood...

* Whoever wrote
this review of Break Ke Baad should be my new best friend.

After the coffee drinking director Karan Johar made Kuch Kuch Hota Hai (1998), the Bollywood movie makers were convinced that a puppy-love story would sell out easily even after a decade. They are still churning out type-cast romantic comedies meant for the urban-chic teenagers believing that they are monkeys who come to watch their movies and would easily buy any peanuts they wish to sell.

Danish Aslam’s
Breal Ke Baad is one such example.

K Bedeshwar, you are hilarious!

* Will Aishwarya's look in
Guzaarish spark a new trend in fashion?


“Designing a wardrobe of contemporary costumes goes beyond just creating beautiful dresses for beautiful people. It requires an understanding of the character and the story one is creating for,” writes the celebrated Bhanu Athaiya in The Art of Costume Design. She too made a Spanish dress for Helen’s character Ruby in Teesri Manzil, for the cabaret O haseena zulfonwalli. A sexy, coquettish, flurry of a dress in red sequins and black net frill, worn with a red rose in the bouffant.

This article on costume design is actually really interesting - go read!

And on another note - if anybody can tell me where I can get a copy of that book here in the USA, do tell!

* Pakistani boys get into trouble
crossing the border to follow their Bollywood dreams.

* Amol Palekar says
big budgets are hampering Hindi cinema.

* Hrithik Roshan was
touched by his interactions with paraplegics while making Guzaarish.

* Filmi Maa Reema Lagoo (
Kal Ho Naa Ho) loves all her on-screen sons equally.

* Surya talks about
Rakht Charitra 2.

Prod him on what makes the language versions different from the Hindi one and Surya chuckles, “Down South we tend to be a litle loud and dramatic. But Ramu sir wanted me to underplay the emotions in the Hindi version. There was no need for a volcanic outburst. For me personally, it was a novel experience speaking Hindi since I had never spoken the language before, not even when on stage in school. I tried my hardest and got away because I was playing a South Indian character. But the next time I’ll have to do better.”

Obviously, this means I need to see the South version and forget the Hindi version - there is
nothing I like better than loud and dramatic.

He talks some more on it

The actor feels the aesthetics and sensibilities of cinema in South and Mumbai are different. “In Mumbai, it is urban while in Tamil it is more middle class. Besides, cinema tickets in Mumbai and up north are steep as compared to Tamil Nadu,” Suriya said adding that Tamil film industry was more conservative than Bollywood.

The actor said that Mumbai was not new to him as his wife Jyothika is from Bandra.

* BR Chopra is
appreciated at IFFI.

"Through his film Kanoon, Chopra sahab dealt with capital punishment way back in 1961, years before the issue became a subject of mainstream debate and discussion with rights groups," Vairale told IANS in an interview.

The Ashok Kumar starrer dealt with subjects which evoke passion and relevance even today, he said. It is being screened at the 41st edition of the International Film Festival of India (IFFI) as a tribute to the departed master, along with others like Naya Daur and Nikaah.

* Trisha may have bombed in Bollywood but we can see her opposite Kamal Haasan
in an upcoming film.

* Shahid is confirmed for
Kunal Kohli's next - his heroine is TBD.

Have you seen the trailer for
Dil Toh Baccha Hai Ji yet? It looks like the biggest piece of misogynistic bullshit.

Emraan Hashmi discusses
his role.

The tagline of the film says that men can never grow. When asked Emraan about his opinion on the same, he said: "This is an apt tagline for the film and I completely believe in it. I feel that men usually don’t grow up. Women are more matured. Even when men are 30-35, they are still immature."

And Ajay Devgn holds firm to Bollywood's bizarre belief that Madhur Bhandarkar
understands women.


larissa said...

I have no doubt that you're right and Dil Toh Baccha Hai Ji will be total misogynistic bullshit... but Omi Vaidya looks so cute in the trailer, I might watch it just for him!

Sami Saayer said...

prediction: dil to bacha hai ji and no problem will be box office disasters.

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