Sunday, November 21, 2010

Sunday Gossip!

Good morning, all! I hope everybody is having a wonderful weekend!

I'm still not quite recovered from
Guzaarish. The film has been buzzing around in my brain since I saw it yesterday. There was so much going on and only so much I could address in my (spoiler-free) review, that I think I'll need to write another piece on it. I really loved the character of Ethan - he was really quite different from the usual varieties of handicapped individuals that populate popular culture. Although, he does have a touch of drama disease, what was interesting to me was that Ethan turns away from the role of being a good example or inspiring hope in other people to say, "This is my life and I'll do what I want in it."

Anyways - gossip time!

* Let's start the day off with a bang - a DA-

Dabangg has busted at least two major myths that Bollywood had invented for itself in recent times. The first being a bound script is mandatory for the mega block buster to bring in the big bucks. Remember all that fuss about 3 Idiots and who really deserved credit for the film's somewhat jumbled screenplay? Another myth that the Salman Khan pot-boiler debunked has to do with that elusive ‘multiplex' audience that the larger production houses decided to cater to with limp offerings like Pyar Impossible, We are Family, [8x10] Tasveer, and Kites. All these movies and many others were meant for the more sophisticated urban audience at these plush Meccas of film viewing who apparently preferred their cinematic diet more gourmet and less masala. Despite the fact that most of them sank without a trace, many filmmakers continued to believe in a mythical creature called the multiplex audience.

* Regional filmmakers are starting to
pay attention to foreign audiences.

Billa director Mehar Ramesh, explains the lure of foreign shores, “Movies which do average business here, do good business outside India. People watch the same movie twice or even three times. There is also serious competition for distribution rights abroad.”

Forthcoming film
Karma, scheduled to release here soon, has no big local stars. Shot completely in the United States, with a technical crew that was largely American and featuring a Hollywood actress who worked in an HBO series, the film will release simultaneously in America. The producers hope the ‘foreign hand’ will help the film garner attention there.

* And read about Aishwarya Rai, the
rule breaker!

* Ranbir would like to
thank Deepika for her offer to buy him some condoms.

"I think she said a good thing. Our country should be aware of safe sex and condom is a means to that. And thank you for that."

* Manisha Koirala returns to the
Nepali film industry.

* The Pamela Anderson/
Bigg Boss mashup was a success for everyone and Pammy is taking home some fabulous new clothes.

* Has onscreen Telugu villain
Subbaraju been tapped by RGV for Amma 3D?

The North Pole Italian Job aka Players (the title of which makes me want to roll my eyes so hard) may have 4 male leads but there is only one heroine - Bipasha.

"Abbas and Mustan have done this to me in the past too. In my first film, Ajnabee, I wasn't too sure who my co-star was. Was it Akshay or Bobby Deol? Then in Race, I was flirting with both, Saif and Akshaye Khanna. Now in Players, there's Abhishek, Bobby, Neil Nitin Mukesh and Omi Vaidya. I have scenes with all of them. And I don't know who qualifies as my bonafide co-star."


dustdevil liz said...

Thank you, RGV! I've been saying for ages that someone needs to give Subburaju a lead role. (and in 3D no less!)

I sort of love how one interpretation of Bipasha's quote is "I'm the lead, and the guys are all just supporting roles." Good on Bips.

Filmi Girl said...

@liz I know, right? I love Bips's confidence! She knows she's hotter than all those jokers!

Note from Filmi Girl:

I love Bollywood - and all the ridiculous things that happen in Bollywood - but it doesn't mean that I can't occasionally make fun of various celebrities and films.

If you don't like my sense of humor, please just move on by - Trolls are not appreciated and nasty comments will be deleted.

xoxo Filmi Girl
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