Saturday, November 13, 2010

Saturday Gossip!

Hello! Hello! Hello!

It's time for Saturday gossip!

* Apparently
Aindrita Ray is making her Bollywood debut in A Flat.

* Irrfan Khan is a
rock star here in the USA.

You’ve spoken about the differences in the way acting is taught in India and the United States. Can you explain?

Like we have the Kamasutra, a whole literature on sex, we have the Natya Shasta, a whole literature on theater. But it was created thousands of years ago; it doesn’t apply to this. That literature was so precise, it even mentions what the function of theater is in society, how the actor should be, what kind of life he should lead and where critics should sit in the auditorium. But today our films are more melodramatic films; they are more inspired by Parsi theater and Shakespeare. We don’t have any school like Stella Adler, where people work on technique and train actors. We work through trial and error. When I was in drama school, I read Stanislavski. But you can’t read a book and learn acting. You can do a PhD on cycling, but that doesn’t mean you can get on a cycle and ride. It takes time.

* Sushmita Sen's directorial debut is going
over budget.

* In an exclusive, Steven Baker talked to Arjun Rampla about
his new film... a psychological thriller.

* There is an
update on the Tamil's Idiots - directed by Shankar!

Orange! Orange! Orange! Releasing November 26th?

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