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Monday Monday Gossip!

Monday! Good morning, all! I hope everybody is doing well and everybody had a nice Halloween!

First things first - Happy Birthday to Aishwarya Rai! The lady still has it at 37 years old. *mwah*

Her dresses are
popular in Malaysia!

In Kuala Lumpur, trader M. Maniam said many people ask for Punjabi suits or saris worn in particular movies.

"Every year, we have customers asking for a particular sari or suit that was worn by an actress in a movie. This year, everyone is asking for masakali suits which were worn by Aishwarya Rai."

And Abhi 'jokingly'
pulled her into the men's bathroom or something. (Why is this news?) The best part of the write-up is how the author clearly couldn't come up with anything interesting to say about it and ends with a Star Trek joke.

And she may get a
chat show!

Now... so much gossip to cover this morning and absolutely none of it is essential!

* Bipasha Basu has snagged a role in a
Josh Hartnett movie called Singularity. She's playing a warrior (or something!) and Chris Pine is in the film, too. I wonder how big her role will actually be...

* Casting rumors around Dibakar Banerjee -
Abhay or Emraan?

Well, Emraan does have those pesky kissing ulcers to deal with... (or are those
Crook totally flopped ulcers?)

* KJo is down with
malaria which MUST be code for something I can't figure out yet. How are all these celebs getting malaria? Is this like the time everybody in Hollywood caught 'exhaustion'?

* Zoya Akhtar has been getting MORE flack for the
bull run scene in her upcoming film.

* Oh dear! Team Bhatt comes out
against Mallika Sherawat.

Talking about Sherawat’s attitude and the failure of Hisss, the producer says that he would rather launch a newcomer. He strongly feels that Sherawat has “no career left in Bollywood.” “Success belongs to those who are willing to adapt. Mallika’s attitude won’t allow her long innings in the film industry. Producers want to work with people who are more accommodative than being extra smart,” he says.

Is this them trying to bash her but actually complimenting? Honestly, I'd rather deal with somebody who was whip smart than somebody accommodative. What's wrong with asserting yourself? This is SHOW BUSINESS! Everybody is out to promote themselves. So, she took some credit for the success of
Murder - big effing deal. She also shouldered the full criticism of Hisss, which is more than you can say for other celebrities in critical flops who have their daddies *cough* Junior B *cough* complain to the press that their performance is just misunderstood.

Not to mention, I can't help but think "accommodative" is code for some sleazy casting couch thing...

* Watch out, China! Mama Jenny is coming!
My Name is Khan is having a premiere in Beijing on November 30th. And she was just in Rome - click the link for SRK getting a big smooch from some dude. He's so cute!

* Shirish Kunder counts his chickens before they are even hatched -
Tees Maar Khan 2 is in the works.

* Akki talks about
Action Replayy:

You are working again with Vipul Shah after the box office success of ‘Singh is Kinng’. What do you expect from ‘Action Replayy?’ Will it hit the box office the way ‘Waqt’ and ‘Singh is Kinng’ did?

I’m so sorry – me and Vipul own a time machine that only travels back in time, it unfortunately doesn’t visit the future, so I should say only God knows what lies ahead, and he’s keeping very quiet, (he knows how much I love suspense!). Of course we would all love another super box-office success. It really is a lovely movie, I don’t see why it wouldn’t.

* Twinkle talks about
dressing Akki.

"As far as dressing up my husband is concerned, yes I've been supervising his clothes a bit more nowadays. Not that Akshay is a bad dresser on his own. But you know how guys are? Left to themselves, they'd just put on a white shirt over a black trouser. That's playing it safe and knowing it always works. I've changed that."

* The casting for the heroine of
Joker has been a whirlwind of press reports - I'm hoping that it's going to be Sonakshi but Deepika's name is still out there.

* And as far as the first Indian 3D film - will it be
Haunted? And here's a question - how are these films going to make any money? 3D is expensive and it's more expensive to go to those films... are the masses really going to spend twice as much money on a ticket so they can see Mimoh Chakraborthy in three dimensions?

* Tabu talks
about not being in Bollywood and has to answer the age-old question: "Why aren't you married yet?!"

And doesn't she crave for male company in her late 30's? Pat comes the reply, "When it has to happen, it will. You can't plan a relationship. Besides, I have a lot of friends in Hyderabad, Chennai and Mumbai. So I am definitely not lonely."

Can I be your friend, too, Tabu?

* Aamir Khan's next will be with
Reema Kagti, who directed Honeymoon Travels PVT LTD.

Nana Patekar was the only worthwhile thing in the Sandalwood film Yaksha.

* Our Steven Baker talks to
Preity Zinta! Pssst... just don't ask about the Kings XI Punjab.

Piggy Chops got a body double for a scene where she shows her nude back in Saat Khoon Maaf. My cynicism wants to say that it was because she's so thin that her spine looks disgusting poking out of her skin but the press reports say it's because her body is 'too sexy' for the character. You pick which explanation you would like to believe.

* Bebo main Bebo is being forced to wear a
promotional T-shirt to events. You know it's killing her, too. I can't even stand to wear big white sneakers or baggy t-shirts, so I feel her pain! Couldn't they have at least allowed her to cut a nice v-neck into it? That would have been so cute, na?!

Look how cranky she looks!! Rohit-sir, please to be letting Bebo cut a v-neck into her Tshirt and maybe get it tailered to be a bit more form fitting! OKAY!

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Kanan said...

I just read first set of gossip posts and they're so entertaining. Thanks so much for sharing.

I heard rumors about Mallika Sherawat playing draupadi and Shakti Kapoor playing dushasan. He refused to play the role after he found out MS was playing draupadi. His argument was... main kaunsa vastra haran karoonga? LOL!

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