Monday, November 22, 2010

Monday Gossip!

Happy Monday! Here in America, we're counting down to Thanksgiving Thursday... I'm already prepping my contributions to the big dinner.

Sadly, poor Hritihik Roshan isn't as cheerful - he was
taken seriously ill this weekend from a reaction to his medication (or possibly something else) and has just been released from the hospital.


Maybe this will help... the making of
Tees Maar Khan title track!

I think my favorite part is when Akshay is foiled by the tiny airplanes... why is he so adorable?!

* Shahrukh and SLB have finally
patched up their differences. Chalk it up to the magic of Guzaarish...

* Unsurprisingly, both the Junior and Senior "B" loved the

* 3D films are coming to
Pakistan by the end of the month! Also, they still love Bollywood!

In a nation where people have learnt to live with uncertainty and chaos, it's these Bollywood masala fares that provide much-needed relief.

"We have learnt to live our life the hard way, so our love for Bollywood gives a breather from the regular news of bloodshed and killings. Sometimes, one needs to live in the reel life as well," said beauty saloon owner Ruquia.

* Akshay Kumar generously gifted 30 lakhs to the crew of
Tees Maar Khan.

* Sajid Khan talks about
reviewing films.

“Reviewing isn’t for everyone. It needs to be done tactfully. It is a verdict, which will assist people on whether to watch a film or not. But most people today write the entire summary of the plot and forget to say whether the film is worth watching or not. Not only is it incomplete, but it kills the market of the film, once the story is revealed."

* And speaking of Sajid Khan, John Abraham has been picked up for the
Housefull sequel.

Manisha Koirala may already be getting a divorce!

* There is nothing better than some cranky
industry person railing against contemporary films - and even better, audiences!

[Adoor Gopalakrishnan] believes that “cinema as a genre has been taken over by the mainstream industry” and blames the audiences equally for the trend.

“Bad films made in Tamil Nadu and rejected by the audience do well in Kerala. Film-going audience don’t seem to have any intellect – it is a way to kill time. They have stopped taking cinema seriously,” he rued.

And one of my favorite directors had his birthday... KABIR KHAN! Happy birthday, sir!

Oh... Katrina... and Farah!

Arshad and Maria!

John Abraham! You know, I still think that Kabir Khan managed to get John's best performance in
New York.


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eliza bennet said...

I think John's best performance was in No Smoking. I do like Kabir Khan's films though.

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