Monday, November 8, 2010

Monday Gossip!

My, my... how time flies! Wasn't it just the weekend yesterday? Ah, well... back to work we all go!

Now, Americans might enjoy this commercial featuring the one and only Conan O'Brien speaking Hindi!

Isn't he cute!? Thanks to Tady for passing that on.

But let's hit the Bollywood gossip!

* Actually, first let's hit the Namitha gossip! She has recovered (I hope!) from her kidnapping and is ready to hit the silver screen again!

She's playing a yoga teacher in the aptly-named
Namitha, I Love You!

When asked what made Namitha to act in this film that has no potential to showcase her features, Namitha says: “I agree that there is no scope for glamour in this film. I am fed up acting in glamour-oriented films that focus on hot and spicy scenes. I agreed to act in this film because of its script. It has a message for the society.”

And in real life, she is opening a
dance school!

* Aamir Khan, Shabana Azmi, and Javed Akhtar were among those
invited to dinner with the Prime Minister. You know, I often wondered how Obama's image will affect how darker-skinned people are perceived in places like Japan and India that put a premium on fair skin... In the media, at least, everybody seems to be loving Barack and Michelle!

* A new crop of actresses are still
going strong in their 30s! And, honestly, wouldn't you rather watch Bebo or Bips or Aish than some inexperienced 20-something?

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, who recently turned 37, is considered to be one of the top film heroines in the country. She is also a known face on the international circuit because of her Hollywood projects and promotional deals with global brands. “If producers want to give me a miss because of my age, it would be their loss since I am a far better actress today than I was 10 years ago,” she says.

* Priyamani spells out the realities of
some heroine roles.

"Heroine is just a piece of furniture. Only on rare occasions, she gets a chance to prove her acting skills. Otherwise she is just there to sing songs with the hero or to add glamour to the proceedings. There's nothing wrong with it. The situation is the same in all the languages. Telugu cinema is not an exception to this."

* Speaking of glamour, Kangs was spotted
dropping bank on some new designer duds.

* In case you were curious, Saif Ali Khan is not
going to Hollywood. Oh, thanks for letting us know, gossip reporters. BTW I'm not moving to Antarctica... shall we make that news, too? I am going to the North Pole, though, so I can stalk the proceedings of my favorite movie to mock... THE NORTH POLE ITALIAN JOB!

* Speaking of making up stories about nothing, Farah Khan says Bebo is a
better actress than Kat. WELL, DUH! Obviously that is the case but just because Bebo is better doesn't mean that Kat is therefore bad! Who cares if Bebo is better if Kat gets the job done in Tees Maar Khan? And don't think for a second that Farah Khan would take any chances with ruining her first home production with a stinky actress.

* And the claws have come out in the
competition for the second female lead in the new Bebo-Aamir film. Will it be Kat, Priyanka, or Kangana?

I like this little gem:
Strangely, Kareena is not in good terms with Priyanka and Katrina Kaif, and it will be quite interesting to see who wins the race as all the three thespians are currently at the top.

I have a feeling there is nothing "strange" about it! Bebo likes to be on top - Priyanka and Kat are her competition. I'd actually love to see Kangana play opposite Aamir, imagine them both doing their crazy acts at the same time!

* My lady Bebo is also
irritated by action scenes.

A source from the sets tells us, "Kareena had a few scenes where she was required to perform some basic stunts but she clearly seemed uncomfortable about it all. Each time she was about to shoot for such a scene, she would get irritated and often pleaded her directors if a duplicate can be used."

It takes a lot of work to look as good as Bebo and you want her to sweat?! Or possibly ruin her manicure?! What kind of director would ask that?!!!

(I'm just kidding! I love you, Bebo!)

* Personal trainer Payal Gidwani spills
celebrity secrets while promoting her insultingly named book XL to XS. Look, Payal, I may be an "XL" but I'm also 5'9" and even when I was starving myself, I was never able to get down to more than a "M." Fetishizing smaller sizes is unhealthy and unhelpful to everyone. Sure, we should all try to be healthy, but healthy != XS.

* Abhishek Bachchan didn't know
the history behind his latest film Khelein Hum Jee Jan Sey, which is about the Chittagong Uprising.

And I don't know why Deepika has no lines in the trailer... there is a mystery here, I'm sure. Did they get somebody else to dub for her? Is she taking too long with her dubbing? Is her role really small? Look, people (i.e. me) want to know!

* We may see the Junior B in a
Rohit Shetty film next Diwali!

* Tusshar Kapoor gives his
recipe for staying out of the spotlight: don't go around dating Priyanka Chopra because you are doing a film together.

He also revealed the reason, why no one ever reads anything about his relationships, is that he does not get into a relationship “just for the heck of it” or to create media hype.

I would also hypothesize that the people who Tusshar chooses to date might be unacceptable to a certain death-threat sending portion of the population. And like Karan Johar, instead of having a fakey-fake relationship, he just chooses to keep his private life completely private.

* Yash Raj is completely in the pay-for-play business now - they are launching
Boney Kapoor's son.

* Calling the
Khiladi! Shilpa Shetty had a party and invited Raveena Tandon and Pooja Batra.

* Yanna Gupta is back kicking around
Mumbai... and WTF?! She dated Aftab Shivdasani?!

Desi Boyz with John, Deepika, and Akshay starts today! Buckle up, everyone, because that movie is going to be OUT OF CONTROL!

And check out Shilpa Shetty and pint-sized Soha Ali Khan at an Olay promotional event!


kintama said...

Hey there.

Love what Priyamani said. She's a very good actress to begin with so no credibility problems here. She's fatalist.
This right there is my main problem with the whole cinema industry, especially the Indian ones. Male performer sells films. BoxOffice is dictated by the name of the star. And so goes the salary. So what if Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam's true hero is a girl? Salman and Ajay probably still got double or triple her salary and will continue to do so. So what if Ash, Vidya (SO underrated), Kareena, Rani or even Kangana (also underrated) are much more skilled and versatile performers than Abhi, Harman, John, or even Saif or Salman?
God I'm so feminist for a man... But this situation really pisses me off. It is so frustrating to see newcomers coming in like Shahid, Neil Nithin Mukesh (I think) etc. and getting paid as much as top actresses Bebo and Ash. If there's one thing they should take from Hollywood, it's how much they pay their own Julia Roberts and Nicole Kidman.

Lots to say I guess :| Thanks for the news FilmiGal :)

Pardesi said...

Regarding Farah never ruining her film with a bad actress - she took Deepika in OSO, 'nuff said ;-)

Filmi Girl said...

@kintama Hi! I love your comment on actresses salaries - it's very sad but true... :( And I agree that Kangana is very underrated! She has some films coming up soon, though, I think.

And this is right after my own heart: So what if Ash, Vidya (SO underrated), Kareena, Rani or even Kangana (also underrated) are much more skilled and versatile performers than Abhi, Harman, John, or even Saif or Salman?

For now I think it's just how the industry is structured but hopefully good and powerful actresses like Aishwarya and Kareena will help to change that equation!

@pardesi HA HA HA!!!! But I thought Deepika was pretty good in Om Shanti Om. IMHO It remains her best performance. ;D

I know I rag on her a lot but I actually think Deepika has the potential to be a competent heroine - much more so than Sonam, anyways.

kintama said...

Let's not forget the importance of a director, his understanding of the character and the actor/actress, as well as his talents overall. So many directors are capable of wasting talent, and so many others are capable of making average performers look very good. I truly think the Deepikha OSO incident is the case of very talented director making a not so good actress look great on screen.

And no hate on Deepikha or any other I mentioned as I respect their work (except for Harman *facepalm*). As long as nobody comes and compares let's say Bebo/Ash/Rani acting skills with Katrina/Deepikha/Anushka. Let's not mix up hype and craft.

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