Monday, November 29, 2010

MONDAY Gossip! Good morning edition!

Hello, everybody! And Happy Birthday to RAMYA!!!

(Yes, YOU! Happy Birthday!)

I am ready to go back to work after a nice long weekend... but before I hit the library, how about some Monday Bollywood gossip!?

A little birdie confirmed that Prime TV's gala dinner featuring special guest Shahrukh Khan was canceled because of Shiv Sena and not
bad weather conditions in Berlin, which was the official explanation.

Boston Globe has an article on Shiv Sena and SRK.

The secular community’s most recent successful push-back against the Hindu fundamentalists involved Shahrukh Khan, one of the most popular stars of the Mumbai-based film industry in India, known as Bollywood. Khan, a Muslim from North India, was demonized by the Sena for his comments supporting the inclusion of Pakistan’s cricket team in India’s Premier League and rejecting the party’s anti-immigrant rhetoric. In response to Khan’s statements, the Sena protested and threatened to use violence and political will to limit Khan’s latest Bollywood release, which was one of the most anticipated films of the year.

* More books on
Tamil cinema PLEASE!

Film historian and Moserbaer COO G. Dhananjayan says the absence of documentation and challenge in finding publishers have discouraged many film historians from bringing out their research work in the form of a book. His book on the best of Tamil films, slated for launch in January, seeks to provide a gamut of information on the industry and the celebrities in it.

“We have some of the best books on cinema written in Tamil and a few in English. As Kollywood caters for a niche audience, getting publishers becomes very difficult,” Mr. Dhananjayan observes.

* Enjoy the WSJ's take on
No One Killed Jessica.

“In the capital of the largest democracy, 300 witnesses claimed they saw nothing.”

The trailer of
No One Killed Jessica, slated for a January release, opens with these powerful lines, promising to shine a spotlight on the twists and turns in a murder case that caught the attention of the country.

The film is based on the murder of model Jessica Lall in 1999, and on her sister Sabrina Lall’s long fight for justice. Vidya Balan plays Sabrina Lall and Rani Mukherji plays a journalist who helps uncover the truth. At the start of the production, director Rajkumar Gupta sat down with Sabrina Lall for weeks and asked her about her sister and the legal case for the script, Ms. Lall said.

Read about the growth of on location shooting in Bollywood - including Rajkumar Gupta's No One Killed Jessica in Delhi.

“It’s a huge motivating factor for a filmmaker,” says Gupta, whose claims he can’t think creatively while shooting in a studio. “Real locations lend that magic touch to the story. There is no replacement for real locations.” Gupta shot his first film, Aamir, at various locations in Mumbai —Marine Drive, Dharavi slums and Bhendi Bazaar were among them. For his second, NOKJ, he has shot in Old Delhi, South Delhi, Connaught Place, Khan Market and also Gurgaon. “The recce is what usually takes time —it took a month to finalise the locations. But then, if you have planned well, things will go smoothly,” he assures.

* Frieda Pinto is forced to
eat her words on Bollywood and blames the press for "misquoting" her.

"I never said that I don't want to be a part of Bollywood. Media put me in a tight spot by misquoting me. I absolutely love Bollywood films. DDLJ and Sholay are my favourite films," said the 26-year-old actress who was here to promote the Woody Allen film You Will Meet a Tall Dark Stranger.

Isn't saying that DDLJ and
Sholay are your favorite films kind of a cop out? Naming the most popular Bollywood films of all time isn't really proving anything, Freida.

Also, doing Miral? Way to modern day Pocahontas.

* And now for somebody intelligent - Surya
is all over the place these days and I love it!

You can’t help but marvel when he declares that he doesn’t believe in a six-pack whereas it has become a must of sorts for all Bollywood films.

“I believe in fitness and I believe in showing off a fit body. But a six-pack has never been my thing. Also, I would never resort to taking steroids and pump up my body for a particular role,” he says.

* Karan Johar is launching Mahesh Bhatt's
17 year old daughter Alia.

* RGV pushed
Rakht Charitra 2 back on purpose to compete with Junior B and capitalize on the Vivek-Abhishek rivalry.

* Is there a more welcome phrase to my ears than
Anurag Kashyap's stylized revenge drama? Yes, you can add "starring Manoj Bajpai and Raima Sen!"

* Sanju-baba is playing villain in the
Agneepath remake.

* Kangana Ranaut has a
new tattoo.

* Adhyayan Suman is headed for
Jhalak Dikhla Jaa 4.

And for some fun - check out the video blogs from
Missy D! She talks to my girl HARD KAUR!

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eliza bennet said...

YES to Manoj Bajpai and Raima Sen.

RGV is a family friend of the Bachchans so whatever he is doing, he sure got the OK from the family.

Agneepath remake is getting much buzz. I didn't care much for the original apart from a powerhouse performance from Big B.

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