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Krishna: Calling VJ Ganesh!

I hope you are not tired of my Kannada movie reviews yet because I have yet another fabulous Golden Star Ganesh film for you - 2007’s Krishna. This is an old review but since I just put up an index page, I figured I would finishing transferring my reviews over from my old blog.

Krishna is actually a very slight film – not much happens and half the movie is spent in flashback – yet, I found it very enjoyable and was rooting for the hero and heroine to be together at the end.

Krishna begins with a bang. The entire city of Bangalore (Mangalore? Mysore? I don’t know where this was supposed to be) crowds around their TVs for a very special call-in show. Can you guess who the host is?

Obviously, the only person who could command such an audience is my new favorite hero – Golden Star Ganesh! He is the titular Krishna, the ultra cool and ultra charismatic man about town.

Krishna and his comic relief friend rent a flat from a sweet older couple who have a daughter… played by Sanjana Gandhi.

(It’s no use saying “sorry madam” – she’ll get in a few tight slaps before she’s done with you!)

When we first meet Sanjana, she’s showing some
eve teasing thugs who is boss – HER. She’s spunky, spirited, cute as a button, and very independent. Also, she does not like Krishna one bit.

Possibly she doesn’t like him because he does things like accidently flash her while attempting to change a light bulb dressed only in a towel or wake her up early in the morning looking for the keys to his scooter. Or maybe it’s that she can’t stand how
everyone else seems head-over-heels for Krishna…

So what happens when a comic relief best friend/call screener takes a call from a mysterious woman?

Poor Krishna is flustered by the mystery woman’s when she refuses to give her name and just declares her love for him in a mocking tone. Is she joking? Does she mean business?

Krishna is tormented by her phone calls – she says she loves him but refuses to give her name.

(To be fair, who wouldn’t love any character played by that master of charisma – Golden Star Ganesh.)

Finally, things come to a head when he receives a call in which the mystery woman declares she’ll kill herself at midnight the following day if he doesn’t come to her. What’s a man to do?! Krishna does the only thing he can – he gets drunk and has a fantasy song picturization where he’s tormented by a mystery woman whose face he can’t make out.

Sanjana is not amused.

She scolds the pair of idiots for passing out drunk on the roof of the house!

Of course Krishna is too good a man to send a woman to her death – and he shows. But who does he find?!

I’ll let you find out when you watch

This is just the first half of the story and it’s structured in a way that wouldn’t make sense unless you were familiar with masala conventions. We introduce hero and heroine first and then the third wheel can come in. In this case, Krishna takes the opportunity to enter a huge flashback about his first love – Anjali.

Their relationship is a tragic one, which is why Krishna came to the big city to forget his woes.

Krishna does, indeed, suffer a lot for Anjali (Sharmila Mandre).

I don’t want to spoil too much of the story for you, but let’s just say Krishna does everything he can for Anjali and her family to save them from crushing poverty and they take and take and take without giving anything back.

So, we have Krishna and the two heroines – which is the real heroine and which is the interloper? Who was the woman on the phone?

You’ll have to watch to find out!

You are in
my heart, Krishna! (And you, Udit Narayan!)

Like the other Kannada films I’ve seen recently, I totally got carried away by the love story – rooting for Ganesh to end up with my favorite lady (Team Sanjana!). And I’m continually surprised with how charismatic Golden Star Ganesh actually is. His characters are so
good - if they were played by a lesser actor, I’d find them annoyingly so. But, I don't. Krishna is kind, caring, and unwilling to lead women on by pretending he likes them when he doesn’t.

The film is really slight on story but is packed full of fun little moments that make it worth watching. The music isn’t great but the picturizations are good and the leads all put in fantastic performances. Ganesh is great, of course, but so are Sanjana and Sharmila. Sharmila manages to be kind of haughty and yet sympathetic enough to see why he could love her.

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OK this goes on my shopping list for when I go to Bangalore later this month. Thanks for the review!

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